Make It A Month Of Creative Romance

Here at Peoples Flower Shops, we’re enjoying everything that February brings, and that’s a lot, considering that it ushers in both Valentine’s Day and is also officially designated “Creative Romance Month.”

How can you be creative in your romance? Well, we’ll leave much of that up to you, but when it comes to planning your flower gifts, you’ll want to simply think outside of the box a bit. Go for flowers that make a sentimental statement, but free yourself from believing they have to be red roses to count.

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The Best Bets For Valentine’s Day

If you’re sending flowers to someone this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance they will be red, red roses. With their deep layers of petals, endlessly appealing scent and rich, crimson color, there’s just nothing like a red rose to symbolize your abiding love and affection. At Peoples Flower Shops, we’ve got you covered, with literally stem upon stem of February 14th’s signature bloom sitting in our workshop just waiting for our designers to work them into showstopping arrangements.

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Sharing Your Heart on Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day, it seems the romantics get all the attention. While your partner, spouse, or sweetheart are definitely the main focus of the day, the love you experience every day doesn’t end there! In fact, we all have people close to us that add happiness to our lives every day, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate theml! People’s Flowers is the best place in Albuquerque to order the flowers plants and gifts that will share the love with all these amazing people.

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Valentine’s Flowers to Send Your Love

Valentine's flowers

Valentine’s Day is set aside each year to celebrate the adventure that is love – and whether you are just starting out or have spent decades together, flowers are an integral part of the day. In fact, polls have shown that Valentine’s flowers are by far the most popular gift on February 14th – with 61% of respondents stating that they gave flowers on this special day. The floral designers at Peoples Flowers are privileged to hear many of the love stories of the people who come into our store, and we are happy to play a small part in your adventure.

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People’s Flowers – Valentines for Everyone

valentine's dayYou may think you only have one “true love” – but in reality, true love doesn’t only refer to romantic love. It occurs anytime we share our heart in a pure way with someone in our lives, meaning that we experience true love with all of the loved ones in our lives. This Valentine’s Day, show all of your “true loves” how devoted you are to them.


The love between a mother and child may be one of the purest emotions our lives offer; it is a bond that that is not diminished by distance or time apart. Pink flowers beautifully express this sweet affection; as the paler version of passionate red, pink signifies a devoted and pure emotion. This gorgeous bouquet of roses and lilies will tell your mom that you cherish the extravagant love of the family bond.

valentine's day

There are people we encounter throughout our lives who becomes as much like family as our family themselves. The honest and true affection of a best friend is a uniquely wonderful relationship; so this Valentine’s Day, celebrate your friendship in this floral arrangement which not only delivers beauty, but a keepsake mug perfect for long, intimate talks over hot cocoa or coffee,



valentine's dayChildren are especially precious in our lives – whether son or daughter, niece or nephew – and these littlest of Valentine’s would love to receive a fun gift as well! Send our adorable Bear Hug to your smallest true love – or how about a festive balloon bouquet? These mylar balloons that declare your love for them will bring hours of enjoyment for the kids; but don’t forget that they also make a perfect addition to any floral arrangement you send to any of your true loves!


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate ALL the loved ones in your life. Let Peoples Flowers deliver the love throughout the Albuquerque area and beyond – because everyone should feel loved on February 14th. Remember – order early for the best selection and guaranteed delivery times!

People’s Flowers – Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentine's day flowersOn Valentine’s Day, nearly 190 million greeting cards will be exchanged, but that number is still second to Christmas. However, Valentine’s Day holds the honor of being the day that the most flower bouquets are given – with nearly 260 million roses and over $2.1 billion worth of fresh cut flowers sold in the name of love.


Red roses are the traditional bloom of Valentines Day, and there is a Roman goddess to thank for that. Venus, the goddess of love, was often depicted with a red rose, which represented passionate and deep romantic feelings; hence the association with Valentine’ Day. For those in long term romantic relationships, the red rose is the quintessential gift of passion.


valentine's day flowersIf you want to send the sentiment of red roses but in a more unique design, this stunning arrangement of roses and stargazer lilies is the perfect mix of love and beauty. Classic meets exotic in a perfect expression of love and commitment, as lilies traditionally signify devotion for those who receive them.



While you are deciding which flowers to send on Valentine’s Day, we’d also like to suggest when to send them. With the holiday occuring on a Sunday, your floral arrangements can make a dramaitc impression when you send them a few days early. Have the flowers delivered on Friday to their place of business for a romantic surprise; or bring your bouquet of roses to a special Friday night dinner to kick off your loving weekend in style. Ordering early will guarantee the best selection, and delivering them early will ensure that your sweetheart knows you can’t wait to spoil them.


People’s Flowers of Albuquerque is your year-round source for all your floral needs – but on Valentine;s Day, we are excited to help you celebrate all the love in your life. Call today, and relax – we’ll take care of the rest.

Flower Meanings for Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsThe Valentine’s Day holiday is a special time of year for honoring those we love most. While it is strongly associated with romantic love, any significant relationship can be celebrated on this holiday, which falls on February 14th each year. Friends, family members and even favorite co-workers will appreciate a flower arrangement that shows you care.
The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are hazy, but some believe it has its roots in a pagan Roman fertility festival held around this time of year. In the year 496, Pope Gelasius recast the festival as a Christian holiday and feast in honor of a saint of the same name.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers and showing affection through gifts from the heart. One of the most thoughtful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by sending flowers. The following are some of the color meanings of Valentine’s Day flowers:

Red. The significance of red for this holiday is embodied in the dozen red roses so often sent to romantic partners. Red symbolizes romance, deep love and passion.

Yellow. If the recipient is a good friend, yellow flowers are the ideal color to honor your friendship. Yellow flowers also signify joy, cheer and new beginnings.

Pink. This pastel color conveys affection, admiration and gratitude.

Lavender or blue. These hues indicate your relationship has a very special, spiritual side.

Purple. Deeper tones of purple show reverence and majesty.

Orange. This warm color is associated with enthusiasm and desire.

White. White flowers emanate renewal, rebirth and a pure intention.

flower meanings

flower meanings

Iconic Roses

Roses are the classic Valentine’s Day flower, especially the red roses exchanged by romantic partners. However, roses in the colors described above can convey a very different message depending upon the recipient.

Exotic, Tropical Orchids

Orchids are an intriguing flower that can give a nice break from tradition in Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Spring Tulips for Valentine’s Day

While spring is some time away, tulips are a refreshing fit as a flower for Valentine’s Day. They bring an uplifting energy of renewal and offer hope as well as the promise of new beginnings.

The Elegance of Lilies

From Asiatic blooms to otherworldly white and pink and stargazers to trumpet-shaped calla lilies, this flower expresses unparalleled elegance.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate those we love most. From family members to dear friends to our true love, there’s an ideal flower and color for all the special people in your life. Contact Peoples Flower Shops to place your Valentine’s Day order.


What Roses Mean

shutterstock_14492851It is hard to imagine there could be any flower that is more steeped in tradition than the rose. The moment anyone mentions roses most people will automatically think about love. That’s because all over the world, people associate roses with love. For over 200 years people have used flowers to express their feelings. Here at Peoples Flowers, we’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day. We love to help the people of Albuquerque use the “language of flowers” to tell the special person in their lives how they really feel about them. Roses are virtually synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but roses come in many colors, so you don’t have to limit yourself to red ones.

To help you prepare for Valentine’s Day, we’ve come up with some with some fantastic ideas that will let you tell your loved one exactly how you feel, and you can say that using different color roses.

To Show Gratitude and Happiness

For someone you consider gentle, graceful, loyal and sweet, show your admiration by giving them Pink Spray Roses. Although many people assume that spray roses are nothing more than small or miniature roses, that’s not the case at all. The term “spray rose” refers to a cluster of flower heads that grow on a single stem. When you choose spray roses, you don’t have to get as many stems to create the look of a dozen or more roses in a vase.

Tell Someone They Bring You Joy

When you love someone, they bring you joy. If you want to use flowers to tell your beloved how much they light up your life, or you delight in your relationship, give them a Dozen Yellow Roses. The number of roses you give is as important a consideration as the rose color you choose. Eleven roses represent a declaration of deep and true love. A single rose of any color expresses thanks. With a bouquet of a dozen yellow roses, you zoom_infoLavenderRosesweb12011741417130709113543can tell the person you love that you are thankful for the truly deep love the two of you share.

The Meaning of a Dozen Lavender Roses

Lavender roses convey several messages simultaneously. If you fell for your loved one “at first sight,” but never dared to admit that, you can tell them with lavender roses. Lavender roses serve as a reminder that you want the relationship to continue to grow. Like all roses, however, the color lavender can also say, “I love you” in a less traditional way.


Rose Alternatives on Valentine’s Day


Flowers are one of the most beautiful and impactful ways to say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day or any time of the year. One of the most popular flowers given between loved ones is the red rose. While this classic gift is not without its charm and definitely makes a statement, there are other beautiful ways to say “I Love You” with flowers. Consider these rose alternatives this Valentine’s Day.

Go Exotic with Tropical Blooms

Flowers with origins in South America, Hawaii and other tropical climates can be the perfect way to change things up and surprise them on Valentine’s Day. Consider sending one or more of these breathtaking choices:

Pink Azalea and Cyclamen

Pink Azalea and Cyclamen bring bright pink tones and gorgeous petals that are sure to make your lover swoon. Cyclamen have five butterfly-shaped petals and heart-shaped foliage with graceful silver markings; in addition to pink, they are also available in red, white, and lavender. Pink azalea features detailed, clustered flowers and pretty accent greens.

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are among the most exotic-looking of lilies and flowers in general. With a pink center radiating out to frosted-white edges, these large, majestic flowers have a euphoric heart-opening effect when you gaze upon them. Consider sending a full bouquet of Stargazers to your loved one, or have them mixed in with other uplifting, heartwarming blooms.

The Exotic Orchid

The orchid as a gift item has been trending for some time now, and it can be the perfect unexpected alternative to the classic rose for Valentine’s Day. Few flowers convey beauty, strength and passion quite like the orchid, so if that’s how you feel about your lover, it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. From Bromeliad to Dendrobium, there’s an orchid style and species that will be perfect for your loved one. Orchid color choices range from light pastels to deep, rich tones, so find that perfect bloom this Valentine’s Day season.

While there’s something to be said for traditions, there’s no need to cling to them year after year. If you really want to make a striking impression this year, consider giving one of these tropical flower alternatives to the red rose.

Not different enough? You can also depart from flowers for Valentine’s Day altogether and choose from a range of decadent sweets, beautiful balloon bouquets and even fresh seafood assortments. There’s something for everyone; Contact Peoples Flowers for more ideas and information or to place your order today.



Design Your Date


You’re a little bit rock-n-roll and they like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, but together you’re a couple who loves a creative date. Or maybe you want to get the attention of a certain special someone this year. Wherever your adventure takes you, no Valentine’s Day story is complete without the perfect flowers.

We can help you get started by planning your dream date for this Valentine’s Day Weekend, and which flowers will be just right, whether you send them early to the office or arrive at the door bearing the most beautiful roses ever.

Play our Design Your Date game, and you might even win $100 for your Valentine’s flowers! Enter your email address, first & last name, and fill in the blanks to create a unique Valentine’s adventure perfect for your date. You’ll be entered to win a $100 floral gift certificate just in time for Valentine’s Day. Enter as many times as you’d like and share your story on Facebook to earn 10 bonus entries when a friend enters. The winner will be chosen at random on February 12th and notified by email.

Enter our sweepstakes today for your chance to win and start designing your perfect Valentine’s Day Date.