Traditions, Customs and Flowers of Rosh Hashanah

rosh hashanah

Rosh Hashanah, literally “the head of the year”, is the Jewish New Year. It is a time of both solemn reflection and celebrations with family. There are many customs that are associated with the day, both spiritual and festive, and we thought we would take this opportunity to share some with you. At Peoples Flowers, we’d like to wish all of our Jewish friends and neighbors L’Shanah Tovah!

rosh hashanah

The Meaning of the Holiday: Rosh Hashanah is a time for repentant prayer and asking for forgiveness for the sins of the last 12 months. It also is a time for looking forward with hope to the New Year.

Religious Observances: The shofar is blown in the synagogue calling the faithful to repentance. The day is spent reciting prayers from the mahzor, a special prayer book for the High Holy Days. Some denominations celebrate for one day, some for two. This year, Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on October 2.

The Meal: As is the case in many Jewish festivals, a traditional meal is an important part of the observance. The meals often contain foods that hold great significance, notably challah bread (the circle of life, and God’s provision), apples dipped in honey (sweet hope for the new year), and pomegranates (representing the law and the Torah).

Rosh Hashanah

Although there are no customary flowers or Rosh Hashanah, white blooms are meaningful as they signify purity, innocence, a clean slate and new beginnings- all fitting attributes for a new year.  Blue flowers such as delphinium, orchids, iris, or hydrangea are often added as blue points to the divine.  Some people celebrating also choose a more harvest theme for their centerpieces, with wheat stalks, berries, and fruit accents. These florals are complimentary to the fruit and bread in the meal.

The floral designers at Peoples Flowers look forward to helping you to decorate your holiday table for this very special festival. We are proud to serve the greater Albuquerque Metro and Rio Rancho area.

Delicious College Care Packages for Your Student

college care packages

College students around the country are returning to campus this month, settling into dorm rooms and facing a new year of challenges. Although they may be out from under your roof, you can still make sure that they know how much you care for them, with delicious college care packages from Peoples Flowers.

Every student is different – but no matter what type of food your student prefers, we have the perfect gourmet gift basket for them. If they are still local to the Albuquerque area, the Survival Kit collection may be just the right choice. Cookies, candy, crackers, and caffeine join forces to give students the energy boost they need, all in easy to carry snacks sizes and delivered locally the same day. If the way to a teenager’s heart is their stomach, they are sure to love you for this! college care packages

For those whose tastes have been a bit more refined, this selection of gourmet cheeses, crackers, and fruit will be just the study aid they need. Generous enough to share with roommates, these snacks will be perfect when writing term papers or cramming for a test.

college care packages

College care packages are always eagerly anticipated and appreciated. These gifts are also arranged in baskets that will serve to help organize their dorm room after the food is gone, and make great catch-alls for books, papers or supplies. Whether local here in Rio Rancho or Santa Fe – or across the miles – your student deserves the best. Browse Peoples Flowers’ selection of gift baskets or give us a call to create a customer gift with all their favorite items, and get the school year start off right!

The Birth Month Flower for January: Carnations

carnationsCarnations are known for their bright spirit, detailed petals and simple beauty, and they are also the birth flower for January. This makes them ideal for gift giving either in a mixed bouquet of flowers or all on their own, such as in the stunning Dozen Carnations arrangement. However, they can also look lovely in mixed bouquets with other bright blooms.

Few flowers bring as much good cheer and happy energy as the carnation, making them ideal for gift giving all year long as well. Carnation blooms in a rainbow of colors from white and off-white tones to light pastel colors to more vibrant and bold shades.

Carnations grow is in a variety of sizes and are also quite hardy and resilient. Their user-friendly nature makes them appealing to both growers and those who wish to give cut flowers, as they last quite long even when cut for fresh bouquets.

Symbolism and History

The carnation has been in cultivation for over 2,000 years. Its name is said to be derived from the words “coronation,” “corone” (flower garland), “incarnation” and “carnis,” or flesh, as early carnations tended to be flesh-toned. Carnations have been called by other names throughout the centuries including sweet William, dianthus and gillyflower, but carnation is the most common name.

Carnation symbolism and meaning varies depending upon the color. Pink stands for platonic love and gratitude, while red indicates deep romantic love and passion. In the past, yellow signified disappointment, while today they exude a cheery vibe. Orange shows goodwill and friendship, and white carnations exude purity and innocence and are said to bring good luck.

As a Birthday Gift

Since carnations are the birth flower for January, they make the ideal birthday gift for this month. They can look beautiful with other flowers such as lilies and roses. For a contemporary pastel effect, consider sending the Pink Mini Cube; it features pink and mini carnations, roses and spray roses designed together in a sleek clear glass cube-style vase.

Contact Peoples Flowers for more information or to order January birthday flower arrangements today.


Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day!

houseplant appreciationJanuary 10 is Houseplant Appreciation Day; started by Dan Matthews, a gardening enthusiast who realized many people become so engrossed in the holiday season they neglect the upkeep of their plants. According to him, when the flurry of activities start to slow down in the early part of January, we then start watering and fertilizing them, giving them the attention they deserved.

Dan also states, this is a good time to start you indoor transplants so you have a head start in producing a dream garden as well as creating esthetic landscaping. I know that houseplants provide an element of beauty, but additionally they are beneficial for your health in helping to remove contaminates in the air.

In honor of Houseplant Appreciation Day, it is a wonderful idea to give your family and friends a long-lasting present to show your appreciation for them.

The stunning Croton Plant features a dynamic array of shades including green, orange, yellow, and red. It comes in a rustic weaved basket or decorative metal tin, adorned with a bow. This houseplant would definitely make the receiver feel special.

Elegant and lush, the Spathiphyllum Plant – better known as the Peace Lily would be a great gift for the home or office. With an abundance of dark green leaves and delicate lilies all displayed in a basket or tin container, the recipient will enjoy this “easy care” plant.

You cannot go wrong with the Azalea Plant, with its perky colorful blooms and dark green foliage, showcased in an attractive woven basket or metal canister. The person you send this to will be impressed.

Whether it is for Houseplant Appreciation Day or another special holiday, has everything you need to make your event memorable. We are a family owned and operated business, which has been serving people for more than 60 years and counting! Plants, flower arrangements, specialty gifts as well as gourmet and fruit baskets are just a few of the items we offer.

Please do not hesitate to visit us online today, our friendly and professional staff is more than happy to assist you with any inquiry you may have.


Floral Gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mom taught you about love, cared for you and still has your best interests at heart. While you appreciate her all year round, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your love and honor this traditional holiday just for Moms.

Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday of every May. This year, it’s on May 10. Do you know what you’ll be getting Mom for Mother’s Day this year? Consider these heart-warming flower ideas to show her you care:

Mother’s Day Favorites

Peoples’ Florist makes Mother’s Day shopping easier than ever with carefully pre-selected flower arrangements and products just for Mom. Choose from glorious spring arrangements bursting with lilies, gerbera daisies, roses, and much more. You can also change things up by sending Mom a Fruit and Cheese basket, gourmet chocolate assortment, or even a snack food survival kit.

Mother's Day

Peoples Signature Tulip

Classic Beauty

There are certain classic flower choices that always get a great response and never seem to fall out of favor. Carnations, tulips, daisies, roses, lilies, daffodils and dahlias are just some of the gorgeous flowers in this category. What are your Mom’s favorite flowers? Chances are, they’re in this category. Consider giving Mom a bouquet from the Peoples’ Florist Classic Collection and take the guesswork out of Mother’s Day shopping.

Mother's Day

Shades of Love

Mom’s Own Flower Garden

While there is some overlap with the Classic category, the Garden Collection is another great gathering of flower bouquets and options for Mother’s Day gift-giving. With an emphasis on spring blooms as well as summer radiance, a garden-themed bouquet will give Mom her own personal flower garden and show her just how special she is. From bright daisies and lilies to tulips, daffodils, orchids and hydrangea, there’s no shortage of breathtaking arrangements here.

mother's day

Gerber Spring Garden

The Signature Collection

Looking for something that’s a bit of a departure from tradition and what “ordinary”? Then check out the People’s Flower Shops Signature Collection. This innovative and contemporary approach to flower arrangement is sure to impress and delight your mother, and there are a variety of arrangements to choose from. From elegant stargazer lilies to sleek, while calla lilies, these bouquets are bursting with the most refined blooms and combinations. When ordinary just won’t do, send Mom something from the Signature Collection.

Mother's Day

Peoples Signature- Roses

While Mom is there for you 365 days a year, Mother’s Day only comes around once per year. This May, show your Mom just how special she is with a bouquet of artfully arranged, beautiful flowers. Flowers always brighten the spirits, and Mom deserves it. Whether you go for Classic style, a Garden-inspired arrangement or something more refined from the Signature Collection, she’ll know you went the extra mile.

Contact Peoples Flower Shops with your flower design questions or to place your Mother’s Day order today.



Adorning the Thanksgiving Table

Whether you’re entertaining tthumbnailhe entire family, or you’re looking for an intimate meal with close friends, your Thanksgiving table will welcome your guests to an evening of friendship and fun. Setting a beautiful Thanksgiving table begins with flowers and candles and ends with the perfect Turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.

Getting Creative with Gourds

The miniature pumpkins and little melons that fill traditional Thanksgiving cornucopias are often purely decorative, but you may want to add some fruit to the arrangements that your guests may eat before you serve the main course. You may associate turkey and stuffing with vegetables; however, seasonal fruit is an appetizing addition to your meal.

One particularly delicious and fruity addition to your table is a bowl of beautiful yellow pears surrounded by vibrant green and orange gourds. If the plates, silverware, and napkins are already on the table when your guests arrive, try placing a single pear on each plate as a delicious appetizer to the Thanksgiving meal.

Choosing the Thanksgiving Flowers

Although they’re usually associated with the warmer months of the year, one of the classic autumn flowers you’ll see on the Thanksgiving table is the sunflower. Because it pairs so well with the oranges and reds of autumn bouquets, you’ll often see these happy flowers adorning a fall celebration.

Even if you’re not preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a turkey that requires hours in the oven and food that slowly turns the kitchen into a disaster area, flowers are always a beautiful idea for any gathering. Maybe you’re just ordering some take-out Italian food from down the street. A simple yet beautiful vase of flowers will dress up even the most casual of gatherings.

Expanding Upon the Table’s Décorzoom_AutumntoRemember10110550800

A table that looks like a gorgeous Thanksgiving harvest isn’t complete without candles and a tablecloth, and you have a variety of options for creating an attractive candlelit presentation. One option is to place the candles directly inside an autumn  filled with lovely fall-colored lilies, gerbera daisies, and roses.

Alternatively, you may choose to place your candles along the perimeter of the room in wall sconces that add a delightful energy and illumination to your Thanksgiving feast. You’ll feel like you’re hosting dinner party in the Victorian era if you place enough candles to forgo the use of electric lights overhead.

Offer your guests a Thanksgiving meal this year that’s as beautiful as it is delicious with a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece, welcoming candles, and warm autumn décor.


The History And Flowers for Sweetest Day

Couples, families, and friends in the Midwestern United States take the third Saturday of October each year to celebrate The Sweetest Day with treats, gifts, and romantic deeds. For 2014, The Sweetest Day falls on October 18th.

Who First Celebrated The Sweetest Day?

A group of business owners in the candy industry in Cleveland, Ohio got together in the early 1920s to create “The Sweetest Day in the Year.” They hired silent movie stars of the era, like Theda Bara, to help publicize the event.

Around the same time, residents in New York City made similar efforts with the establishment of Candy Day. A story in “The New York Times” went even further with the idea and declared a “Sweetest Week” that would begin on October 10, 1937.

Today, the holiday is most popular in a variety of Midwestern locales like Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. The Sweetest Day also makes an appearance around the rest of the country as couples use the day to add a little sweetness and fun to an early autumn weekend.

Candies for The Sweetest Day

Just about any candy will do for The Sweetest Day, but chocolate is a particularly welcome gift for just about anyone who would love something sweet on this candy-themed day. To make the day extra-special, you might choose a piece of candy made at a specialty candy store or created in the gourmet tradition of candy making.

Perhaps some delectable Belgian chocolate covered pretzels drizzled in delicious white, milk, and dark chocolate swirls will impress your sweetie. Is your significant other an apple lover? Maybe an almond lover’s caramel apple will add just the right touch of sugar and flavor to The Sweetest Day.

Completing the Day with Flowers

In the years since the holiday was first publicized, The Sweetest Day has come to represent a celebration of all things sweet and nice. Flowers are the perfect companion to chocolates, candies, and little tokens of love.

As the universal symbol of love in the flower world, roses are one of the best ways to show a loved one how you feel. You may choose a dozen roses for your gift or perhaps some gorgeous pink roses for a little twist on the traditional red rose.

If you’re taking your loved one out for a special date on The Sweetest Day, a small bud vase of three roses is an option for a gift on-the-go. An amazingly lush vase of 48 roses is also an unforgettable way to showcase the sweetness of the special day.

Celebrate The Sweetest Day this year on October 18th with flowers and candy that show your love and affection.

Flower Gift-Giving Ideas for National Boss’s Day

October 16 is National Boss’s Day in the U.S, a day for employees to show gratitude and appreciation to bosses who are truly enjoyable to work for. National Boss’s Day was first established in 1962 and has grown in popularity ever since. The day serves to help improve and strengthen relations between employees and their employer.

If you have the kind of manager or boss that others wish they had, why not take the time to show them you appreciate them? Flowers can be the perfect expression of gratitude; here are some flower gift-giving ideas for National Boss’s Day this year:

The Elegant Lily

Few flowers make as bold a statement as the lily. A bouquet of bright Stargazer Lilies can convey your appreciation perfectly on National Boss’s Day, or opt for a Peoples Signature Lilies bouquet, featuring Asiatic lilies, snapdragons, alstromeria and hydrangea.

Autumn Blooms

By October 16, National Boss’s Day, autumn is in full swing; an autumn arrangement can be the ideal gift for National Boss’s Day gift giving. Flowers that epitomize autumn include the bright sunflower, festive daisies, bright asters, or just about any arrangement in gold, yellow, orange, rust or red tones. An Awesome Autumn arrangement features a lovely, chic glass cube filled with autumn-toned hydrangea, roses, lilies and tulips. A Gerbera Autumn Garden blooms with brightly-colored gerbera saisies, alstromeria and carnations.

Bring in Some Greenery

If your boss doesn’t have a green thumb but could benefit from some greenery around the office, green plants are the perfect National Boss’s Day gift. The Croton Plant’s large leaves sing with colors of green, orange, yellow and red. The Schefflera Plant is a lush way to dress up any office space with cheerful, shiny dark green leaves.

Orchids and Exotic Blooms

Orchids bring an exotic feel and beautiful energy to any room. The orchid is also a powerful symbol of wisdom, strength and integrity.  The Dendrobium Dance features purple or white exotic dendrobium orchids amid green dianthus and bear grass. The Orchid Drop features beautiful exotic orchids in a chic cylinder vase — or go even more tropical with a stylish Hawaiian Bliss arrangement featuring birds of paradise, ginger and anthurium in an adorned cube vase.

If you appreciate your boss, National Boss’s Day is a great time to show it. A gift of flowers can convey thoughtfulness and respect, and they’re the perfect way to let your boss know they’re going a good job. Use these flower ideas as inspiration to help you select the perfect gift this Boss’s Day.

The Greatest Floral Gifts to Give This Fall Season!

When you want to show someone how much you care or that you are thinking of them, one of the best ways to do so is with flowers. While it can be easy to decide on the right floral gift in spring or summer, it can be a little trickier in fall. That’s why we’ve put together this list of floral gift ideas perfect for fall. Check these out and see if anything jumps out at you as being a particularly good choice!

  • Traditional Bouquet – Something traditional is appropriate throughout the year. A rose bouquet can be updated for fall with the inclusion of yellow roses and more fall-like add-ins. When it comes to flowers, nearly anything goes!
  • Corsage – While a corsage is most associated with prom or homecoming dances, they can be a nice touch anytime you’re taking a loved one out for a night on the town or a fancy dinner. A matching boutonniere will complete the look. One of the best aspects of giving a corsage is that these are very affordable, making them a great choice for any budget.
  • Sunflowers – With bright, yellow buds, the sunflower is the perfect flower for those weeks when summer and autumn overlaps. Using these as a centerpiece is also a great idea.
  • Green Plants – Giving the gift of a green plant or other potted plant is a great option at fall. When you do this, you allow your recipient to enjoy the beauty for weeks or months to come—not just for a few days.
  • Centerpieces – Another great gift option is giving a floral centerpiece. Then, not only is it appreciated as a gift, but your recipient can use it when he or she is entertaining or just enjoying a nice dinner with friends and family. A centerpiece can be customized for fall that includes some of the local flowers which bloom best this time of the year.

While these ideas are a wonderful way to show your feelings, they are only the beginning. If you’re looking for something unique and different, why not contact us directly at Peoples Flowers. Our team of talented floral designers would love to help you put together a gift of flowers that will be sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient!

What Flowers Should You Send for Rosh Hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah, also known as Jewish New Year, is celebrated in late summer/early autumn. This year, the Rosh Hashanah holiday falls from September the 24th to September 26th. While there is no official or specific flower that traditionally represents this time of year, the bounty of autumn and the energy of new beginnings can be used as guidelines for your gift selection. Any flower that exudes a rich, abundant or hopeful feeling can be the perfect choice for Rosh Hashanah. Here are some bright, blooming possibilities to inspire your Rosh Hashanah gift giving this year:


Sunflowers are a versatile bloom that can be appropriate for summer or autumn occasions. Their large size and sunny demeanor radiate summer energy, but gold and brown earth tones can signify autumn as well. Their jubilant energy can make them the perfect gift to ring in the Jewish New Year.


Orchids bring a joyfully elegant energy to any room in the home. As a Rosh Hashanah gift, they mark the occasion with the promise of new beginnings and an auspicious future. Despite their tropical origins, orchids actually need minimal watering and are fairly low-maintenance.


The rose is a classic gift flower and can be appropriate for a variety of occasions. While the red rose is traditionally sent to convey feelings of romantic love, roses can come in just about any color you can imagine. Consider sending white or blue roses to convey the energy of new beginnings and bright possibilities for the New Year.


While lilies are often associated with springtime and spring holidays, they are an appropriate gift for any new beginning. The majestic trumpet shape of Calla Lilies can help celebrate the New Year, and Stargazer Lilies offer pink and white vibrance. Lilies are also stunning as part of an arrangement, as shown in the Peoples Signature bouquet bursting with lilies, alstromeria, hydrangea, snapdragons and greenery.


The hydrangea is a flower of enduring grace and beauty. It can be white, blue, pink or purple, depending upon growing conditions. Its lush, round shape has been associated with gratitude and any sentiment that is sincerely heartfelt. Consider sending a hydrangea bouquet for Rosh Hashanah or a Precious Pink arrangement that combines hydrangea with tulips and roses. Peoples Signature also incorporates hydrangea.

The Rosh Hashanah holiday is about new beginnings; it ushers in the autumn season and the Jewish New Year. If you have family or friends that celebrate Rosh Hashanah, flowers are one of the most impactful ways to mark the occasion.