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Celebrate Independence Day With These Patriotic Flowers

Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year and is traditionally celebrated with festive backyard BBQs, fireworks, parades, and an impressive amount of hot dogs eaten. Whether you’re hosting your own 4th of July party or attending… Read More about Celebrate Independence Day With These Patriotic Flowers »

Showcase Summer Sunflowers

Summer has arrived! There are so many ways to welcome summer and celebrate this bright, beautiful season! You can host a summer get together, you can decorate your home with great summer colors, and you can send gorgeous summer flowers to a friend - just because it’s summer! However you choose to welcome summer, be sure to use the best flowers from Peoples Flower Shops. Our gorgeous designs from our summer showcase will lift spirits and help you celebrate the beauty of the season perfectly. Read More about Showcase Summer Sunflowers »
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Floral Arrangements for Summer Tables

No matter where we live, there is just something about summer. Maybe it is lingering memories of summer vacations, maybe it is the longer days that allow us to get together with friends, maybe it is warm evenings under the stars around a campfire. Whatever that undefinable quality is, there is no doubt that summer has a vibe all its own. Sharing meals and memories with friends is a part of this season as well, and whether you are planning a barbecue or an elegant dinner, summer flowers make everything more festive. It All About the Color: Summer flowers are vivid, bright and bold. Like the summer season itself, this is no time to be timid - choose floral arrangements comprised of vibrant blooms to express all the joy of summer.  Read More about Floral Arrangements for Summer Tables »
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