Luscious Lilies and Lemons For Spring

Have we mentioned how much we love spring here at Peoples Flowers? If not, allow us to say it again for the people in the back: we love spring, not just for the glorious haul of seasonal flowers it brings us, but because we too share in a sense of renewal and the idea that a new year is finally unfolding. Of course, our flowers go a long way in helping us keep up that spirit. Spring’s crop is not only beautiful but fragrant, and fragrance is a crucial part of keeping the mood light and uplifted.

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Enjoy Colorful Daisies for April

daisiesSpring has arrived in Albuquerque, and we are glad to see it! It is no surprise that the daisy is the official flower of April – it’s sunny disposition and cheerful message is perfect for this new season. Even its appearance reminds us of sunny days. Ray flowers (petals) surround a bright center of small disk flowers; making the daisy a composite flower – that is, it is actually two separate flowers.


The daisy is a member of the second largest family of flowering plants in the world, comprising nearly ten percent of all flowering plants on earth. Many daisies open their petals in the morning when the sunlight appears and shut them at night; this unique behavior probably inspired their name, which is derived from the Old English “daes eag” or “day’s eye”.


Did You Know? The leaves of the daisy are not only edible, they are exceptionally high in Vitamin C. Often used in salads, the daisy is also related to the herb echinacea, and other edible plants such as artichokes and endive.


The Gerbera daisy offers the same physical appearance of its white and gold cousin, but in a wide range of bright,vivid colors. The gerbera is a favorite of floral designers; as this colorful flower makes a beautiful standalone arrangement that communicates joy , celebration and whimsy. But the versatile gerbera blends very well with most other flowers, from wildflowers to exotic orchids; making it a wonderful flower to either showcase or use as background color.


The meanings associated with the daisy are quite lovely – simplicity, modesty, innocence and cheerfulness. With such warm and familiar connotations, the daisy makes a wonderful ambassador for April birthdays – or for any of your April occasions. Peoples Flowers is your one stop floral shop in Albuquerque – call us today to arrange a bouquet for that someone special.



Introducing Three New 2016 Additions to Our Spring Flower Arrangement Collection

spring flowersSpring has officially arrived. For many people, spring is all about taking care of yard work, planting flowers in their front or backyards, and doing general chores that spruce up and beautify the outdoor area surrounding their homes. Our team of talented Peoples Flowers floral designers went all out to come up with a few brand new spectacular floral arrangements that embrace the beautiful colors and flowers that are so synonymous with spring and the feeling of new beginnings.

spring flowers

Stargazer and Hydrangea

Our Stargazer and Hydrangea Arrangement is the newest addition to our collection of Stargazer Lily designs. Our tall square vase is the perfect vessel for this showy bouquet. Lush hydrangeas spill over the top of the container as long stems of pink Stargazer lilies take the spotlight as the superstars of this simple but elegant spring display. We add bear grass as an accent. The hydrangeas are surrounded by stems of seeded eucalyptus, including the leaves. If the front door of your home opens to a foyer, this is a dramatic arrangement with which to greet visitors. It would also brighten a living room, a family room, or a den when you place it on a console table where it is sure to attract a lot of attention.

spring flowers

Floral Sophistication

When it comes to luxury, you can’t find anything more appropriate than our newest addition to the luxury collection. Our Floral Sophistication is a design that embraces spring with bold colors and plenty of flowers. For this arrangement, we chose flowers that make a bold statement the moment anyone lays eyes on it. The emphasis is on different shades of pink and purple, including roses, snapdragons, stock, and Alstroemeria. Yellow lilies add interest and create a striking color palette. The large dark green leave that lines the clear glass vase conceals the flower stems, directing attention to the gorgeous flowers that make this arrangement what it is. The seeded eucalyptus that spills over the top of the base is an accent that adds interest to this dramatic, elegant and sophisticated display.

spring flowers

Simple Expressions

Sometimes, a simple flower design is so stunning that delivers a message you’d expect to receive with a bolder, more luxurious and over the top arrangement. We kept that in mind when we came up with the idea for Simple Expressions, another new addition to the 2016 spring collection. We wanted this design to capture the feeling that you went out to your garden and picked every flower one by one, hoping to bring a bit of spring’s bountiful beauty into your home or office. Tall pink snapdragons stand out against the dark red of the roses and the sunny warmth of the yellow lilies. We added accents of purple sea lavender for contrast, and to create a fuller look.


We encourage all of our customers to come in, call us or take a look at the new designs we created for 2016. Any or all of these beautiful arrangements will bring the warm, happy and playful feelings that characterize the beauty we see in nature at this time of the year, into the home.


How to Show your Employees You Appreciate Them

footer-590pxCompanies all over Albuquerque have the chance to show their employees, how much they appreciate them on Friday March 6th. Ever since 1995, when the first ever National Employee Appreciation Day was observed, the first Friday of March has been recognized as the official day on which bosses throughout the country can express their appreciation for the employees who make companies what they are. Without the hard working employees whose efforts often go unrecognized, most companies wouldn’t be as successful as they are.

We decided to help employers recognize the contribution their employees make to the company, so we came up with some suggestions to help bosses who may be looking for gifts for their workers.

Croton Plant

Croton Plant

If your workplace has plenty of light, there is no better way to brighten an employee’s office than with a Croton Plant. This spectacular plant has very large leaves. As long as the plant grows in a sunny enough location, the entire workplace can enjoy the unique color combinations seen in the variegated leaves. Shiny dark green leaves are mottled with yellow, while other leaves combine bright yellow and red, or deep red and green. This plant truly brings the outside atmosphere right into the office.

Pothos is a very easy plant to grow. It doesn’t require much care, and it can grow in any environment. Best of all, this plant thrives in areas where there is little to no daylight at all. Pothos is often confused with Philodendron, the plant with small heart-shaped dark green leaves. One of the things people love most about this plant is the fact that you can take cuttings from it, and you can root the cuttings quickly in water. Place this plant on the floor, on a desk or table, or hang it from a hook in the ceiling. It is a spectacular hanging plant.

Add a splash of color and a tropical flair to the office with this Bromeliad Plant. Bromeliads are found in tropical rainforests, but your office will perk up and feel like a relaxing oasis with this spectacularly showy plant. Bromeliads are characterized by heir shallow roots, interesting leaves, and a flower that grows from the center of the plant. Pineapple is probably the most familiar bromeliad.

This year, show your employees how much you appreciate them. Give them a fun, colorful, easy-to-care for, plant. You’ll purify the office air and help your employees focus and concentrate in the process.


Give Them Violets this February

shutterstock_196566356If you know someone with a February birthday, then you should know that violets are this month’s birth flower. Let us fill you in on some of the rich traditions that surround this flower, and you’ll see what makes the violet a beautiful, meaningful gift!


Myths and Folklore


Of all flowers, the violet might be the one with the most storied history. Legend has it that the Greek goddess Daphne transformed one of her nymphs into a violet to protect her from Apollo’s love. This tale gave violets the meaning of purity, chastity and modesty.


Another Greek myth says that Ajax, a hero from the Trojan War, committed suicide because he was ashamed of an act of cowardice that he committed against his friends. It’s said that violets grew wherever his blood fell. Because of this legend, violets have the added meaning of loyalty.


These small flowers are also found in art and literature throughout history. In paintings, violets were often used to represent humility – particularly in religious works that featured the Virgin Mary. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Ophelia sent violets to the queen as a symbol of her love for her deceased father Polonius.


How to Give Violets


With so much meaning, it’s no wonder that these small plants are such a popular gift. However, the fact that violets offer endless gift-giving opportunities is another, perhaps more important reason why these plants are so popular. To start, you can choose violets in nearly any color, from dark blues and purples to rich mauve and pink. There are even varieties whose flowers come in shades of white, white and purple or white and pink.


Then there’s the plants themselves. A single potted violet is a great birthday present or thank-you gift. If you want to take things a step further, you can design an adorable planter with blooming violets in the colors of your choosing.


Finally, you can give violets as part of a European garden. In these planters, you can choose violets as the focal point or pair them with another blooming plant. To make these blooms even more eye-catching, your violets will be surrounded by ivy, peace lilies and other tropical greenery. To top everything off, we place the European garden in a handmade basket or decorative container of your choice.


There are many great ways to celebrate a February birthday or say thank you with violets. For even more ideas, stop in at one of People’s Flower’s locations or visit our website!


Flowers for Those “Just Because” Occasions

march26p1While gifts of flowers are often associated with a special occasion, such as a holiday or celebration like a birthday or anniversary, they are also a great idea when you want to do something “just because” you want to show your love for a friend, a partner, a sibling, a child or family member. It might even be a “just because” gift for a colleague or client.march26p2

The fact that you don’t have a specific occasion to send these flowers makes it extra special and a wonderful surprise that your recipient will never forget.

To help you pick out that perfect “Just Because” flower arrangement to give as a gift, we have a special section on our website full of ideas under the category of Just Because. It includes almost 90 different flower arrangement products to choose from, including every variety, color, size and price under the sun.

Here are some of our favorites that also illustrate the great range of possibilities for that “Just Because” flower arrangement:march26p3

  • Luscious Lavender includes lavender roses and Silvery Dusty Miller, which are showcased in a lush garden style cube arrangement.
  • Exotic Beauty is a beautiful, modern, and exotic design that features a lovely Cymbidium orchid resting on a pedestal surrounded by clear marbles.
  • A Daisy Delight is a great reminder that spring is here with beautiful blooms in many bright, sunny colors arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl.march26p4
  • Aster Spring Garden is another delightful spring flower arrangement that showcases many spring flowers, including Gerbera daisies, fragrant stock, and wax flower in a tall, clear glass vase.
  • Floral Fantasia is an extravagant flower arrangement with hot pink and lavender roses, pink and green hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids and viburnum, and purple tulips arranged in a cylinder vase lined with aspidistra leaves.march26p5

If you don’t see anything that fits what you are looking for among our floral designs, we can also customize a flower arrangement just for you. Come into any of our Albuquerque flower shops to learn more and work one-on-one with our talented floral design staff to create that Just Because flower gift together.

March 20th Means First Day of Spring and Proposal Day

gerberap1March 20th brings the first day of Spring commonly known as the Spring Equinox along with another day you may not have heard of before known as Proposal Day. For both occasions, one of the best ways to celebrate is with flowers.

Proposal Day

Although the origins of Proposal Day appear to be somewhat of a mystery, what is known about this special day is that it offers up an opportunity to make a proposal to that person you now know should be your partner for your life. If you were still unsure about it at Valentine’s Day or Christmas, this is the day to do it.gerberap2

Along with the jewelry that comes with such a proposal, a nice touch would be to include a stunning spring flower bouquet or a spring flower arrangement. Of course, we can even supply rose petals to use during your romantic marriage proposal. Just let us know what you would like that would make it that much more special and our floral design team can create it for you!

Spring: Renewal and Rejuvenation

Spring is known as the season of renewal as it brings animals out of hibernation and offers up new flowers and greenery as part of the rebirth. Easter is also part of this season, which often represents rebirth and renewal as well. The weather is often becoming nicer and many parts of the country go through daylight savings time, which means more lightness and brightness.friendshipp1

To celebrate this feeling of newness and opportunity, it’s the perfect time to add some spring flowers to your home or office as well as gift to someone you love during a spring birthday, spring anniversary, or spring welcome baby event.

Our spring flower collection offers everything that is beautiful about spring, including favorites like tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilacs and carnations. This spring flower arrangements can also be used for special spring events as spring flower centerpieces, including baby showers and bridal showers or other types of parties. As part of our custom flower design options, we can also create something special for any special person or occasion.thanksp3

Our spring wedding season is also in full swing with many spring bridal bouquets, ceremony and reception flowers, and cake flowers already on order for some of our most well known Albuquerque wedding venues.

Now is the time to get in the mood with spring by picking up your own spring  flowers to enjoy!

Signature Design Flower Arrangements

feb25p1Every florist uses some existing designs like those created by Teleflora and other flower partner companies. However, we, at Peoples Flower Shops, also have an incredibly talented floral design team who makes beautiful custom designs, seasonal collections, and more.

One of the things our floral design team is known for across all of our Albuquerque flower shops is our Signature Design Collection. The Signature Design collection is custom designed flower arrangements unlike any seen through any other florist.  They are stunning flower arrangements that are perfect for any occasion.

The Peoples Signature Design is available in bright bold colors or you can opt for soft pastel tones. The size of each Signature Design flower arrangement is the perfect size for an end table or a bed-side table. Each flower arrangement is typically available in three sizes to suit your budget.

Peoples Signature Design Sunflowers

Created with sunshine in mind, this fun summer arrangement is sure to delight with numerous sunflowers as well as other bright, brilliant flowers hand arranged in a tall vase.feb25p2

Peoples Signature Design Garden

This signature garden style arrangement is sure to brighten any mood. It has roses and many other stunning flowers hand arranged in a sophisticated container.

Other Signature Designs

Our Signature Design collection changes each season with something new and exciting to offer that includes the available seasonal flower varieties. Sometimes, this includes tropical flowers and exotic flowers while other seasons include twigs, berries, pine cones or other decorative flourishes.feb25p3

All of the Signature Designs incorporate the freshest flowers possible that have been selected from our premium flower farm partners. They are made to be enjoyed for as long as possible, providing exceptional value for money. These Signature Designs are just one of the many reasons why we have been voted a favorite florist in the Albuquerque area.

Delivery Options

The Signature Design collection is available for delivery throughout Albuquerque and New Mexico as well as across the country thanks to our network of preferred florist partners. These arrangements are also available to ship anywhere in the country so you can share these extraordinary floral designs with anyone.

Spring has Sprung: Bright Flowers Available for Same-Day Service Anywhere in the USA

springp1Spring is in full swing with weather that is more than unpredictable. However, what is predictable is the beauty of spring flowers that are already in bloom and are filling our shops with sweet fragrances and brilliant, eye-popping colors.

Our blog post today offers some great visuals of our latest and greatest spring flower arrangements and spring flower bouquets.

A Few of Our Favorite Spring Floral Designs

Spring is one of our favorite seasons here in Albuquerque because we have such an incredible variety of flowers and flowering plants to choose from to design new flower arrangements.springp2

There are tulips, lilies, orchids, roses, carnations, azaleas, gerbera daisies, alstromeria, button poms and hydrangeas just to name a few.

These gorgeous flowers in vibrant colors and sublime pastels are all making their way into some of our Albuquerque clients say are their favorite spring flower arrangements.

Top of the list are our radiant tulips that come in seemingly every color under the sun, including pink, purple, white, red, orange and yellow.

springp3Some of our favorite spring flower arrangements include:

  • Lilies and Lemons: This is a unique and sunny arrangement of yellow Lilies, Button Mums, and Solidago designed in a bubble bowl lined with fresh lemon and lime slices.
  • Spring Fling: This flower arrangement features a wide range of spring flowers in a compact class cube, making it perfect as a small-space brightener.
  • A Vase of Sunshine: This stunning flower arrangement is sure to take away those April showers thanks to the brilliant yellow lilies.

Spring Gifts

And, let’s not forget we have a great line of spring gifts as well. These include spring-themed gift baskets, fresh fruit baskets, gourmet food and chocolates and Mylar balloons. Worth mentioning are our tantalizing chocolate-dipped apples and pears. It’s nutritious and sinfully delicious all in one!

We also have a great variety of green and flowering plants that also make great gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.springp4

Same-Day Delivery? Yes, it’s True!

We offer same-day delivery throughout the Albuquerque area as well as anywhere in the United States thanks to our florist network partners. Just check with us on the flowers, plant, or gift basket you would like and we can let you know if it is something we can deliver on the same day.

Celebrate the First Day of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day Together!

stpaddys1As if one celebration wasn’t enough, it’s time to think of two favorites that are back to back — St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th and the first day of Spring on March 20th. And, with spring comes gorgeous spring flowers.

This blog wraps up some of our new spring selections this year that you can gift to someone else to brighten their day or celebrate the spring holidays. Or, you might even consider picking up one or two spring flower arrangements for your home or office!

Spring has Sprung: Bring on the Spring Flower Arrangements!

Before we show you some of our spring flower arrangements, you might even think about some St. Patrick’s day delights to decorate your table over corned beef, cabbage, and green beer (or Guinness!). Here are some great St. Paddy’s Day gift ideas:

  • St. Patrick’s Carnations: This festive arrangement is brimming with green carnations, seeded Eucalyptus, and other accents in a clear ginger jar vase. 
  • Irish Delight: With its wonderful white color and hint of fragrance, this stylish flower arrangement will make St. Patrick’s Day extra special.stpaddys2
  • Caddy Snacks for St. Pat’s: Not every celebration for St. Pat’s Day has to be about flowers. This gift basket combines the best of St. Patrick’s Day with Golf!  Recipients can tee it up on the back nine or anytime with Cashew Roca, smoked almonds, Sonoma cheese sticks, chocolate cookies and a package of golf tees! 

Then, there are all the beautiful spring flowers that are here now for your enjoyment. Here are two of our many spring arrangements ready for you:

  • Spring Bouquet with Iris: This beautiful and bright arrangements has many cheery colors, including pink, purple, and yellow bound to make any recipient smile. It comes in a clear vase so you can see it in its full glory.
  • Simply Spring: This gorgeous arrangement also brings all the colors of spring to one vase with varied shades of pink, purple, and yellow as well as generous greenery and a colorful ribbon around the vase to finish it off.stpaddys3

All of these arrangements are available now, so be sure to place your orders for gifts, spring celebrations, spring wedding or spring party, or just as fresh décor for your home or office.

Also, don’t forget to set your clocks this weekend by springing forward one hour on Saturday night for daylight savings time, which starts on Sunday, March 10th.