Boutonnieres and Corsages for the Dance


Spring is here, and spring dances and proms are being anticipated all across Albuquerque. This is the time of year that Peoples Flowers creates gorgeous custom corsages and boutonnieres using the freshest florals, sure to add style and elegance to your ensemble. When it comes time to order, here are a few recommendations from the professionals.


* We have pre-designed corsages, boutonnieres, and wristlets that represent our top selling varieties – but if you’d prefer a custom arrangement, let up know! Based on the style and color of the dress, we can make suggestions you may not think of – resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind corsage.
* Corsages are generally comprised of a few seasonal blooms, spray roses, or orchids, and decorated with ribbons, feathers, or jewelry.
* Nosegays are small handheld bouquets, similar to bridesmaid bouquets. Give us a color scheme to work from, and the Peoples Flowers team will design a beautiful hand-tied arrangement.
boutonnieres* Boutonnieres are usually designed with a singular flower, such as an orchid, calla lily, or rose. You may opt to use several smaller blooms, and decorative elements like ribbons and jeweled pins may also be used.
* Coordinate the floral color scheme with the dress (or tie, if applicable). Bring in a swatch so our experts can design a complimentary corsage. Remember – the flowers don’t have to be the exact same color as the dress!
* If you are buying a corsage or boutonniere and are unsure of the color, stay neutral. Whites, creams, metallics and black will generally coordinate well with anything.

Although wearable flowers and proms go hand in hand this time of year, corsages are also popular for other events such as graduation ceremonies and Mother’s Day.  Anytime you want to make someone feel as special as the occasion, call Peoples Flowers.  Our flowers are sure to make any day more beautiful.

What are the Best Flowers to Wear to Prom

shutterstock_50394988The tradition of wearing flowers to the prom is an old one. It first developed when it was not as common to take regular showers or to wear a perfume product. Today, wearing flowers to a significant event like the prom is more a custom than anything, but it is a lot of fun—especially if you put time and effort into choosing just the right corsage for a lady and boutonniere for a gentleman. Here are a few suggestions for choosing the perfect flower this prom season.

  • Try to match the flowers to the dress or tuxedo of the person who will be wearing it. While you may not want to match the colors exactly, find something that will coincide nicely. Carnations, for instance, come in many different colors, making them an obvious choice.
  • If you do not know what the person you will be taking to the dance will be wearing, consider choosing white. White goes with nearly everything. A white orchid corsage or boutonniere is one of the safest choices you can make.
  • If you are buying a corsage for a young lady, ask if she wants one you can pin on the dress or if she would prefer a wrist corsage. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and it is best to be prepared.
  • Many florists can make nearly any flower into a simple pin-on corsage or boutonniere. If you want something exotic or bold, ask if there are any possibilities for creating these from tropical or exotic flowers.
  • Orchid Wrist Corsage

    Orchid Wrist Corsage

Since making the right decision for prom flowers is such a big deal, you should not try to do it alone. Why not come by Peoples Flower Shops in Albuquerque? Our team of floral experts will be happy to work with you and help you choose the perfect floral option for this prom. We want to make prom night a night to remember!