Wearing Formal Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

formal flowers

Though many things have changed over the years, we still love our traditions. At high schools and universities across Albuquerque, one of our longest standing traditions is being planned – homecoming weekend is coming soon!  Whether your school celebrates with bonfires, parades, or football games, there is one custom that is beloved across the board – the homecoming dance!

Formal flowers – which include corsages, boutonnieres, and nosegays – hold a special place in these traditions. Whether to adorn the homecoming court, or to impress your date for the big dance, Peoples Flowers has the floral designs you’ll need to complete your look.  Continue reading

Create Custom Homecoming Flowers

custom homecoming flowers

Although homecoming will be taking place at high schools across Albuquerque, every celebration will be different Just as each school has its own traditions, customs and spirit colors, every student or alumni attending has their own style as well. When choosing flowers, some may wish to match their dress, while others look to reflect their school colors. Some may enjoy classic design, while others may appreciate creativity and whimsy. No matter what the variables, Peoples Flowers is ready to help you to create your custom homecoming flowers, with more colors, options, and designs than you’ll find anywhere else. custom homecoming flowers

Simple white carnations are transformed with vibrant blue ribbons and flowers. Order your corsages from Peoples Flowers, and you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate accessories.

Wristlets are not only popular for their beauty but for the decorative bands that are far from simply functional. A wide range of styles and colors turn any corsage into a piece of jewelry sure to turn heads. Bands, ribbons and accents are all chosen by you. custom homecoming flowers

Lest you think we forgot about the guys, we also have crisp and classic boutonnieres for him – guaranteed to match the corsage with simplicity and class.

custom homecoming flowers

This soft pink rose wristlet was designed utilizing the gorgeous Melrose silver cuff. Both the colors of the rose and the ribbon are up to you!

custom homecoming flowers

Ethereal beauty can be yours when custom homecoming flowers take a magical turn. Exotic dendrobium orchids, delicate white feathers and just a few silver accents  – including a sugar pearl band – create a stunning corsage you’ll love. custom homecoming flowers

We’ve barely just begun to show you the options available for your custom homecoming flowers – browse the website or come see us in the flower shop to learn more about hundreds of combinations available to you. After all, this is your homecoming, and you want it to be memorable. Peoples Flowers understands, and looks forward to creating your perfect flowers.

Flowers For Homecoming, The Full Guide!

Homecoming season is in the air! It is time for exciting football games, the chance to dance with that special someone, and to feel a bit of school pride. Those preparing to attend their local homecoming will have some preparations to complete! Once they determine who their date will be, there is shopping for formal wear, determining transportation, ironing out dinner, and of course, buying flowers.

Flowers are a traditional part of homecoming as a means of dressing up and celebrating school pride. Traditionally, girls are given wrist corsages, which are coordinated to their dress, and boys have boutonnieres that match their date’s gown and flowers. These flowers can also serve as excellent mementos from the big day when people dry them. Finding the perfect flower, however, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.


It is important to coordinate the colors of the flowers so that the dates themselves and their adornments all look as though they belong together. This typically can be accomplished by having the colors matched with the color of the girl’s dress. Since homecomings tend to be in warm weather, many flower options will be light in color, such as whites and pinks. White can be an especially helpful color because even if the color of the girl’s dress is unknown, it will look fantastic for both girls and boys.

Most corsages will also come adorned with ribbons. Some people enjoy matching this ribbon to a school color that reflects their school pride, but that is not required. The prevalence of such an embellishment is typically determined by the local the school’s traditions.

Flower type

Many couples will buy flowers for each other based on personal preferences or the local school traditions. Many schools have histories of giving mums or other particular flowers for homecoming. If the flower preference of the recipient is a complete mystery, there are some flowers that tend to be very popular.


Roses come in a wide range of colors and the classic beauty of the blossom will please just about anyone. Those who have no idea about what flower to get could consider getting a white rose for an elegant look that will always look spectacular.


Orchids are another flower that has grown immensely in popularity in recent years. The soft elegance of this flower mean that it is easily matched to the themes and colors for the evening. There are also a number of different colors for orchids, so this sleek, classy look can be paired with many different dresses.


Carnations are a classic choice for a corsage. Their soft pinks and whites look elegant and formal, making them a great pick.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate and enjoy connecting with others who have attended the school. Have fun and look prepared with these beautiful flower selections.


Homecoming in Albuquerque Means Corsages and Boutonnieres

homecomingp1homecomingp4In Albuquerque, there are number of local schools getting ready to celebrate homecoming this October, including Manzano High School, West Mesa High School, Albuquerque Academy, Highland High School and Sandia High School.

To help get the students (and parents) ready, we have put together the  best selection of homecoming flowers, including stunning corsages and gorgeous boutonnieres made with the freshest flowers like roses, orchids, carnations and more.

Factors to Consider for Selecting Your Homecoming Flowers

Since Homecoming is one of those special high school memories, you want to make sure that everything about the night is perfect, including your corsage and boutonniere.

Whether you buy it together or one of you decides to get both, there are some factors you will want to consider:

  • Dress type: Since corsages can be pin-on, wrist, or nosegay (small bouquet), your dress type will help decide what kind. For example, a pin-on corsage is challenging or impossible if your dress is strapless.
  • Personal style: You may like traditional arrangements and flower types, or you may have a flair for the decidedly different. Maybe you like a little bling or you like a rustic look of berries, willow, and leaves. Just make sure it coordinates with your outfit and your partner agrees.homecomingp3
  • Flower choice: Think about the type of flowers you like. Since you want the corsage and boutonniere to reflect your personal style, it should have a flower that means something to you.
  • Color selection: Color can be your favorite color as long as it coordinates with the outfits. While you don’t want a color that clashes, you also don’t want to have it match the dress exactly as it will lose any dramatic effect.
  • Price: Of course, price is important as you want something that fits your budget but that also offers a sophisticated and elegant look for that special night at the dance.

The People’s Flower Shops’ Difference

When you are searching for homecoming flowers in Albuquerque, including homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres, consider us for these reasons:homecomingp2

  • We have the best selection in terms of fresh flower varieties, colors, and designs.
  • We offer a custom design service for corsages and boutonnieres so you can have exactly what you want.
  • We have a choice of upgrades, ribbon colors, and greenery to make your corsage or boutonniere stand out in the homecoming dance crowd.
  • We have competitive prices.
  • We have five convenient locations to serve you so you don’t have to travel very far before you find us.
  • We provide hand delivery of your corsage and boutonniere, saving you time on the day of the dance.