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“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” Welsh Proverb

Any grandparent will tell you that their life changed the day that their first grandchild was born. In fact, 75% of grandparents report that being Nana or Pop-Pop has been the single most fulfilling experience of their life. For their part, children adore their grandparents, and kids who grow up with the older generation involved in their lives turn out to be more confident and self-reliant adults.

With so much good coming from the relationship, it is no wonder that Congress established National Grandparents Day in 1978. The purpose of the day is not commercial; instead, the vision was that multi-generational families would gather, share stories and traditions, and learn from each other. In this way, individual family legacies would be preserved and celebrated. Of course, it is also a wonderful opportunity to show love and gratitude to two of the most special people in the world – and Peoples Flowers has the Grandparents Day floral arrangements that will make the day unforgettable.  Continue reading

Grandparent’s Day – Celebrating Family

grandparent;s day

Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of
being a grandchild or a grandparent.
— Donald A. Norberg

Grandparent’s Day is upon us and with it the very special opportunity to honor those people in our lives who have been best friend, mentor, confidante, partner-in-crime and loving protector. There is no one quite like a grandparent, and nothing like the bond they share with their grandkids. When it comes to our grandparents, nothing is too good or too special – and Peoples Flowers is the perfect place to find gifts that they will cherish – mostly because they came from you. grandparent's day

Our Floral Sophistication Bouquet is the latest in our luxury collection, and is the perfect choice for the best Grandma on earth! This floral design is sure to make her feel special with its elegance and beauty. If you’d prefer to send a long-lasting gift, a flowering green plant not only looks gorgeous but helps to promote clean air and good health. The azalea plant provides the benefits of green plants as well as offers the graceful blooms for color and decor.

Grandparent's Day


We love the idea of the kids sending a Grandparent’s Day gift straight from them. Add a teddy bear hug to a bud vase, and it makes a sweet gift to Grandma and Grandpa, who are sure to cherish it as it came from the heart of their grandkids.  As for Grandpa, if flowers won’t make him happy, we think that this gourmet gift basket is just the thing to make him feel loved. 

Grandparent's Day

Wherever you are in the greater Albuquerque Metro or Rio Rancho area, Peoples Flowers is your one-stop source for every relationship in life that matters. Give a gift from the heart, with a little help from Albuquerque’s favorite flower shop.

Grandparents Day Gifts and Flowers

grandparents dayThanks to a woman named Marian McQuade, the first Sunday after Labor Day is designated as Grandparents Day. She started rallying to help people realize how important our elders have been throughout history.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation that expounded that this holiday would give the grandchildren a chance to honor and show their love, as well as help them to acknowledge the guidance, strength, and information that their grandparents offers is fundamental. This idea extended to other countries and it is now observed on an international level.

grandparents dayThe grandparents and grandchildren can participate in many fun activities. This include creating crafts, playing board games, singing, citing poetry, working on puzzles, taking a nature walk, or coloring together. You will make the celebration even more unforgettable, by giving grandma and grandpa a lovely surprise of gifts and flowers.

Grandma’s face will light up as she receives the gorgeous Bold ‘n Beautiful. The vivid colors of sophisticated roses, lilies and African daisies are displayed in an attractive glass vase. You have the option of choosing from small or medium.

Who would not like getting the bountiful Fruit & Cheese Basket? I bet your Grandpa would relish it. This decorative weaved basket comes filled to the brim with some cheese, luscious mixed fruits, crackers, and hard candies. I am sure that he will be nice, and share his present with Grandma.

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Time to Celebrate Grandparents Day This Sunday, September 8th

summerp2National Grandparents Day is here and it’s time to celebrate those family members who cherish your kids and most likely shower them with love and gifts as well as provide an excellent mentor for them to look up to. Your parents loved you but they also provide a special love for your children that should be celebrate this weekend and every day for that matter!

Our blog post this week is dedicated to Grandparents Day, including its history, purpose, and gift ideas. Whether near or far, grandparents can enjoy a special day thanks to you, the family, and us at Peoples Flower Shops.

How Grandparents Day Got Started and Why

National Grandparent’s Day was the idea of Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade. She decided in 1970 in her home state of West Virginia that grandparents needed a special day just like mothers and fathers already had. She campaigned and got the media to help spread the news signature2that it should become a national day, which came about in 1978. Now, it’s celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

McQuade believed that grandparents should be honored and celebrated for what they bring to families and the community, including guidance, experience, and knowledge. It’s a great day to stop and show your appreciation for everything they do and offer every day.

Ideas for Celebrating Grandparents Day

There are many ways to celebrate this Sunday with your grandparents whether you can be together or not.teacherp4

If you can get together, try these ideas:

  • Enjoy a meal together.
  • Take in a show or some type of entertainment.
  • Visit the old neighborhood.
  • Reminisce over old photographs.
  • Sit down and talk about family history and stories.
  • Go shopping.
  • Get pampered.
  • Host a family reunion.
  • Come over and take care of some home repairs or projects.

dadp2If you can’t get together, there are still ways to show them how much you love them:

  • Have the kids make homemade cards or a craft like a frame or garden stone.
  • Take the time to write a letter to let them know how much you love them.
  • Call or Skype them.
  • Send a special gift like flowers, flower arrangement, plant, or gift basket.

If you order anything from our website or store, we can arrange for same day local or national delivery to make sure your gift gets there on time. Call us now to get started to ensure your gift arrives for Grandparents Day. rosesp3