A Rainbow Of Flowers For Your Favorite Grad

Think back on your own graduation time and a few key moments are likely to stand out—crossing the stage to retrieve your diploma, celebrating with friends and family afterward, the feeling of complete accomplishment and the excitement of summer, college or a new job on the horizon. Peoples Flower Shops knows this is one of the most momentous occasions in our lives, and the flowers we both give and receive become a part of that memory. In many cases, these are the first flowers our young scholars will receive, which is why getting them right is so important.

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Graduation Flowers from Peoples Flowers

graduation flowersIt’s the season for graduation, and everyone is in the mood to celebrate!

A popular graduation tradition in some regions of the country is to place a lei around the neck of the honoree. When you adorn your friend or family member with this iconic wreath or flowers, it signifies a deep sense of closeness and positive emotion. Leis are customarily bestowed when someone is arriving or leaving someplace special; they are often associated with one’s arrival in certain island locations. As a graduate is leaving their school behind and walking forward into a new life, the lei is a perfect symbol of their achievement. The most common leis are made of flowers, although they are also often comprised of vines or leaves. Orchids – particularly the dendrobium variety – are the most popular floral choice because of their abiding beauty; purple and white are the two colors of orchid most often selected.

Here’s An Idea: Matching the lei to the school colors is a fun and meaningful way to not only honor the graduate but to proclaim your pride in the (now) alma mater.

graduation flowers graduation flowers

Flowers have always been useful to express specific emotions and feelings. If you are considering a floral bouquet for your graduate, you may wish to learn a few of the flower meanings that will ensure that your gift is not only stunning but full of meaning. For instance, in ancient Rome, the laurel leaf represented achievement and victory and still adds a strong green element to your arrangements. When designing floral bouquets, consider the addition of the purple iris, which indicates wisdom; or lavender roses, which stand for admiration. For a truly victorious rose arrangement, go for orange, pink and yellow together – orange roses say “I’m proud of you,” while pink roses indicate admiration and yellow roses signify the highest mark of distinction.

This graduation season, choose flowers which will honor all of their hard work and success. Peoples Flower Shops has every flower you need to give them the esteem they deserve.

Graduation Flowers

graduation flowersGraduation is a major milestone in a young person’s life. It means the end of one chapter or stage of life, and the entry into another phase of life. It represents the end of school – in the traditional K-12 public, parochial, or private school setting. If you’re like many families all over the country, it is also a time when family members come from near and far, just to celebrate this important and life-changing event.

As a parent or soon-to-be high school or college graduate, you may also want to have a party to thank the extended family members and friends for stopping everything to help the family recognize the graduate’s accomplishments, and celebrate the milestone. If you plan to let some of the out-of-town guests stay at your home, you may want to spruce it up a bit. There is no better way to make your home look special than with fresh cut flowers.

It doesn’t matter if the graduation ceremony is being held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or in the evening. At some point, you will probably want to have a special dinner or meal, or a buffet that can feed the countless people who want to drop in, and those who come to join you in celebrating this rite of passage.

When people put flowers on their dining room table, or on the serving tables and elsewhere in the house, everyone knows that they are doing so for a special occasion. That’s the message that flowers convey when they’re placed around the house as accents.

Orchids That Recognize Your Graduate

An Orchid Lei is meant to be a tribute to your son or daughter on their graduation. It lets them stand out in a special way. Choose between purple or pure white Dendrobium orchids.

graduation flowers

Dendrobium Orchid Lei

An elegant wrist corsage with white Cymbidium orchids and delicate green accents is another way to honor your graduate. A graduation is just as appropriate an occasion for a corsage as a wedding or formal dance. A matching Cymbidium orchid boutonniere is equally fitting for the occasion.

Decorate the House With Orchids

Our elegant Mini Orchid Cube will look fantastic on a coffee table, an end table, or a bedside table in your guest bedrooms. Alternatively, if you’re having a large party and you’re going to seat the guests at one very long table or several smaller ones, this arrangement would make an unusual and sophisticated centerpiece. Line the cubes down the length of the table, making sure that every empty space is equal to the others.

Our Ornate Orchid Bouquet is another sophisticated, but unusual way to display Cymbidium orchid blooms. This arrangement is about twice the height of our mini orchid cube. It would look beautiful on a foyer table where your guests can see it the moment they enter your home. It is the perfect way to dress up a console table behind a sofa, or on a wall in your living room, or to make a fireplace mantel, the focus of a room.

Dress up your dining room table, or add an unexpected touch of whimsical creativity to a buffet table, or to other unadorned areas of your home with our Dendrobium Dance arrangement.

Celebrate your child’s graduation in style. Let Peoples Flower Shops help you make this high school graduation, an event to remember. Our experienced floral designers can help you choose the most beautiful orchid arrangements for all of your graduation festivities.

The Best Graduation Selection in Albuquerque

granduation 3We are proud to say that we have the best selection of graduation gifts in Albuquerque, including a collection of graduation leis, graduation flower arrangements and bouquets, graduation plants and graduation gift baskets as well as graduation balloon bouquets and graduation greeting cards.foodp3

We love this time of year because we are reminded that there are so many of the best and brightest out there that will be adding to our community through their skills and knowledge. It is a true testament to our families and the community to build such fine young people and help them create a better future. This makes it a real time to celebrate the accomplishments and achievement of academic goals.

Our graduation collection this year features stunning spring and summer flower varieties that include those colors that match a grad’s school colors. We also have incredible flower arrangements like “Monet’s Garden” as well as elegant and bold orchid leis, which are a popular graduation trend in recent years. Our leis require special order service, so now is the time to reserve them if you haven’t done so already.thanksp3

We also have some great gift baskets that students will be sure to love. Take, for example, the “Survival Kit,” which is a way to celebrate that the student survived school. This gift basket includes an assortment of treats, such as candy, cookies, chips, popcorn and sodas, and comes in different sizes to treat one or more at a time. What student wouldn’t want to break into all those goodies?

Of course, we are also known for our custom flower arrangements. Our talented floral design team truly enjoys creating custom graduation flower arrangements as well for our customers and their children. They definitely take great pride in personalizing each flower arrangement and offering something that is affordable and beautiful.Peoples Signature_Lilies

Our entire graduation gift collection is available for delivery throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the country. Orders are being taken now for the upcoming graduations at all Albuquerque flower shop locations, by phone, and online through the florist’s website and Facebook page.

It’s time to order and get ready to shower your grad with many gifts. Don’t forget the teachers, mentors, tutors and administrators too who most likely helped your grad along the way to get to where they are today!