Fresh-Wrapped Flowers For Your Besties

This June 8, show up to lunch (or dinner, or drinks) with something special in hand for your nearest, dearest friend. Peoples Flowers loves the spirit of National Best Friend’s Day, which devotes itself to celebrating those singular people who come into our lives and feel as if they’ve always been there. We can’t imagine not sharing our best days as well as our worst with our best friends, the ones who make us laugh harder than anybody else, the ones who show up for us no matter what’s going on in our lives.

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Celebrating Father-in-Laws and Friends

bossp1With July coming to a close there are still a few days left to celebrate two special days – Father-in-Law Day and International Friendship Day. Both of these fall on July 30th and celebrate those special people in your life that are there to listen, support, and encourage. Now is the time to celebrate them and let them know just how much you appreciate them in your life.

We’ve put together a short list of gift ideas for both special days. Here is just a taste of what we offer so you’ll want to come visit our Albuquerque flower shops or shop online.

Gift Ideas for the Father-in-Law

From food to plants and flowers, there is something for every special bonus dad:zoom_bromeliadgarden120410105715

  • The Maine Lobster Gram Seafood Bake is overflowing with seafood, including two lobster tails along with mussels, scallops, corn, potatoes and garlic butter sauce.
  • An All-American favorite is a homemade apple pie that oozing with apples, sugar, and a buttery crust.
  • The Bromelaid Garden combines flowers and plants with a flowering plant that features bold colors.
  • The Schefflera Plant is a lush green plant that is perfect indoors at home or the office.

We also have many masculine flower arrangements as well as other plants, gourmet food, and gift baskets for that special father-in-law.

Gift ideas for Friends

Gifts for friends really depend on their taste preferences, but here are some general ideas that illustrate the range of what we have to offer for International Friendship Day:

  • Orchids in decorative containers come in a wide range of colors and container choices.foodp2
  • Our Gerbera Daisy flower arrangement is a perfect summer choice as it comes in a vibrant array of colors within a glass bubble bowl.
  • Among our delicious food gifts is the Drizzle Layer Cake, which is a vanilla layer cake with chocolate mousse filling that is topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate drizzles.
  • Another sweet treat is our Devilishly Delicious Chocolate-Covered Cookies, which are cream-filled sandwich cookies that are covered in either milk or white chocolate.
  • Our Dazzler flower arrangement is a colorful array of flowers in purple, pink, yellow and red.tropicalp3

Deliveries for Special People

We deliver throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as across the United States. Order now so you can celebrate these two special days!

Sunday, August 4th is National Friendship Day! Celebrate with a Special Delivery!

friendshipp1Just around the corner is a special day that recognizes some of the most important people in your life – those people who are there to listen, offer advice, share a laugh or just have fun together. That’s what friends are for – and now is the time to celebrate all that they do for you!

friendshipp2This blog post provides a little background on National Friendship Day as well as offers some suggestions on celebrating it with a special delivery from one of our Albuquerque flower shops.

National Friendship Day

Here are some quick facts about National Friendship Day:

  • It is recognized in the U.S. on the first Sunday in August.
  • The day was introduced by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, in the early 1930s.
  • It is intended as a way to honor friends and the qualities of friendship.
  • There is also an International Friendship Day.

Special Delivery Ideas for National Friendship Day

While National Friendship Day is about spending quality time with friends, this may not always be possible due to geographical distance or other plans. That’s why it is also a good time to think about sending a few of your closest friends a gift.friendshipp3

We’ve put together a few ideas from our extensive collection of flower arrangements, blooming plants, and gifts and gift baskets.

Check these out as well as come visit one of our shops or the website to get some more gift ideas:

  • Luscious Lavender: This sweet arrangement features an aromatic array of flowers, including lavender roses.
  • Pink Azalea: This is a beautiful blooming plant with clusters of pink flowers and evergreen leaves that is sure to remind your friends for weeks how you feel about them.friendshipp4
  • Dendrobium Delight: Beautiful exotic orchids in purple or white are displayed in a unique, wire wrapped cylinder vase.
  • Gifts Galore:  We have a wide array of gifts sure to fit your budget and suit the individual tastes of your friends. Our gift collection includes everything from seafood, steaks, and gourmet food to truffles and chocolates to balloons, cards, and stuffed animals to fresh fruit and mixed gift baskets of food. We also have gift categories just for men. You can even send a surf and turf meal for two to a friend and then meet up with them to enjoy it together!

Whatever you do, your friends will know that you are thinking of them on this special day as well as the whole year round!