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Inviting Bees & Butterflies to your Yard

There are few things more serene than relaxing in your own yard on a lazy afternoon. A backyard haven of lounge chairs, a beverage of choice, and serenity - sounds perfect, doesn't it? Make this peaceful day even more idyllic by encouraging butterflies to join you - which is as simple as adding several lovely flowers to your yard deck or patio. Bees & butterflies congregate in gardens that both support the ecosystem and infuse color to your natural space - and Peoples Flowers is here to assist you in cultivating the plants and flowers that will beckon these industrious and beautiful creatures. Do We Really Want Bees? The honeybee population is in critical decline worldwide, and here in the US, nearly 40$ have disappeared.  Bees are paramount to the ecosystem, especially in food production. Contributing in even a small way to encourage the bees to thrive is important - don't worry. Experts say that when collecting nectar and pollinating, bees will rarely sting unless harassed.  Read More about Inviting Bees & Butterflies to your Yard »
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Floral Arrangements for Summer Tables

No matter where we live, there is just something about summer. Maybe it is lingering memories of summer vacations, maybe it is the longer days that allow us to get together with friends, maybe it is warm evenings under the stars around a campfire. Whatever that undefinable quality is, there is no doubt that summer has a vibe all its own. Sharing meals and memories with friends is a part of this season as well, and whether you are planning a barbecue or an elegant dinner, summer flowers make everything more festive. It All About the Color: Summer flowers are vivid, bright and bold. Like the summer season itself, this is no time to be timid - choose floral arrangements comprised of vibrant blooms to express all the joy of summer.  Read More about Floral Arrangements for Summer Tables »
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Ruby Red Birthday Wishes

It’s July, and we don’t have to tell you it is hot in Albuquerque – making the ruby the perfect birthstone for the month. The vibrant red gemstone brings the heat; its fiery facets and depth of color are… Read More about Ruby Red Birthday Wishes »
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