End Of Spring Flowers That Welcome Summer

Peoples Flower Shops loves spring and summer’s bright, busy blossoms, and given that the two seasons share so many flowers in common, it’s easy to swoon. While it’s true that we may gravitate to more tropical-looking or bolder, more vivid arrangements in the summer—favoring more delicate, softly-hued ones in the spring—there are few flowers that are unique to either season. Rather, it’s like the two seasons got together and decided to dominate the year with the most dazzling flowers possible. Today, we peek ahead into what summer has in store, which just builds upon late spring’s bounty.

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Inviting Bees & Butterflies to your Yard

bees & butterflies

There are few things more serene than relaxing in your own yard on a lazy afternoon. A backyard haven of lounge chairs, a beverage of choice, and serenity – sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Make this peaceful day even more idyllic by encouraging butterflies to join you – which is as simple as adding several lovely flowers to your yard deck or patio. Bees & butterflies congregate in gardens that both support the ecosystem and infuse color to your natural space – and Peoples Flowers is here to assist you in cultivating the plants and flowers that will beckon these industrious and beautiful creatures.

Do We Really Want Bees? The honeybee population is in critical decline worldwide, and here in the US, nearly 40$ have disappeared.  Bees are paramount to the ecosystem, especially in food production. Contributing in even a small way to encourage the bees to thrive is important – don’t worry. Experts say that when collecting nectar and pollinating, bees will rarely sting unless harassed.  Continue reading

Floral Arrangements for Summer Tables

floral arrangements

No matter where we live, there is just something about summer. Maybe it is lingering memories of summer vacations, maybe it is the longer days that allow us to get together with friends, maybe it is warm evenings under the stars around a campfire. Whatever that undefinable quality is, there is no doubt that summer has a vibe all its own. Sharing meals and memories with friends is a part of this season as well, and whether you are planning a barbecue or an elegant dinner, summer flowers make everything more festive.

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Celebrate Hot August Birthdays With Flowers



With Albuquerque’s excruciating summer temps, a bouquet of vivid and fresh-cut, seasonal birthday flowers by Peoples Flowers is a great way to bring some of the outdoors into your air conditioned celebration!

New this Summer, our exclusive Gerbera Garden and Summer Splendor bouquets showcase a variety of brightly-colored blooms.  Lilies, Carnations and Aster perfectly compliment one the happiest of flowers, the Gerbera Daisy, for a bold and beautiful Gerbera Garden gift.  And the Deluxe Summer Splendor design incorporates sunny Sunflowers offset by Irises and Roses.

Peoples_gerbera-garden peoples-summer-splendor
Gerbera Garden Summer Splendor

The birthstone of August is the peridot, a uniquely colored gem often confused with an emerald.  The colorful birthstone inspires bouquets created from such exotic flowers as cymbidium orchids. Or capture the yellow-green essence of the peridot hue with our Sunburst Bud Vase of snapdragons and lilies.summer birthday florals

Browse more of our Summer Designs, to see your birthday recipients’ favorite flower in our collection. Or contact us to have our design experts create a unique custom creation!  We also deliver Gourmet Fruit & Gift Baskets and Candles & Fragrance – or surprise them bouquet of Balloons!

Whatever your inspiration for a birthday gift this summer, the designers at Peoples Flowers are ready to bring it to life with our stunning floral designs and gifts!

Ruby Red Birthday Wishes

july birthdayIt’s July, and we don’t have to tell you it is hot in Albuquerque – making the ruby the perfect birthstone for the month. The vibrant red gemstone brings the heat; its fiery facets and depth of color are passionate and vibrant.

We have accounts of the allure of the ruby dating back to mythology, the Bible, and ancient Chinese culture. Truly this is a stone that has captivated throughout the centuries – often called the “King’s Stone,” the gem was revered by leaders and rulers because it was reported to have the ability to keep them safe from attackers, both in the natural world and in the spirit world. Rubies were even thought to have the power to ward off nightmares. It is no wonder that one of the attributes of the ruby is that is said to bring complete peace to one who possesses it. The ruby also represents wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

july birthdayWhile you may not be walking into the store to pick up a ruby this July, you can still give a ruby birthday gift to those you treasure. One of the benefits of working with a Peoples floral designer is our ability to transform the essence of the gemstone into a gorgeous floral representation. Red roses communicate not only the rare aesthetic of a ruby, but the opulence and luxury; but red gerbera daisies, red carnations or red ginger can also embody the beauty of the stone while embracing the personality of the recipient.

Stop into Peoples Flowers and tell us your inspiration – we will listen to you, take your vision, add a dash of July ruby and deliver a stunning arrangement worthy of royalty. For your July birthdays this year, settle for nothing less.

Summer Flowers – Floral Sunshine

summer flowersAlbuquerque is renowned for beautiful, year-round weather. Sunshine is abundant at any given time in our fair city, but in the summer it streams through every window and doorway, permeating our lives. The color of sunshine is yellow, the most radiant color on the spectrum, one that captures our eye and our imagination. It is the color of happy faces and indeed, happy feelings – of optimism, of creativity and summer.

summer flowersThe summer flowers are just as cheerful. Flowers that grow well during this time of year include hydrangea, zinnias, gladioli, marigolds, periwinkle and petunias. Daisies of all varieties are one of the most popular blooms during this time of year, and they are the basis of one of our most whimsical summer bouquets. The expert designers at People’s Flower Shops have added lush green solidago and yellow roses to bright daisies, and the entire arrangement is delivered in a cube of citrus-fresh lemons and limes. What a fabulous and refreshing centerpiece for your picnic or barbecue – or to bring along to a friend’s gathering as a gift.

summer flowersEqually vivid is the most iconic of all the summer blossoms, the sunflower. Rarely is there a flower that so embodies a feeling, a season or a mood quite as perfectly as this flower does – placing a bouquet of sunflowers on any table is the best way to bring instant sunshine. Experts also say that surrounding yourself with yellow can elevate your mood and bring happiness, much in the way that sunlight does. Order one of these beautiful floral arrangements from Peoples Flower Shop for your own home, or have it delivered to someone you want to cheer up and let these summer flowers work their magic!

Enjoy a Tropical Summer with Exotic Flowers and Plants

exotic flowersBecause sub-tropical climates are characterized by high humidity and heavy summer rainfall, no one in Albuquerque can claim that we live in the tropics. After all, our weather is much more temperate, and we like it that way. That being said, our awesome summer weather, with sunny days and blue skies, is perfect for turning our homes, porches and decks into tropical paradises.

Although many of these flowers originate in the tropics and on exotic islands, you don’t have to travel far to surround yourself with this amazing beauty – the vivid colors, the intoxicating aromas, and the unique shapes combine for truly special floral arrangements, all available at Peoples Flower Shops.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

For instance, the brilliant birds of paradise represent all things tropical, and immediately change your space from boring to botanical! With bold geometric shapes and fiery hue, these plants are true ambassadors of the rain forest. The bright red of anthurium or ginger; the neon yellows and greens of the protea or Fuji mum; and the regal purple of the dendrobium orchid will inspire that island vibe right here at home – all you need to do is add the sound of a waterfall and drift away.

exotic flowersFor more permanent décor, especially out of doors, the bromeliad plant is an excellent choice. This potted plant is quintessentially tropical, yet long-lasting and easy to care for. In colors that range from red to orange to yellow, these beauties do a wonderful job or giving any backyard space the look of the tropics. Scatter them around a patio or porch, or arrange various sizes and colors on staggered shelving – intersperse some succulents for an authentic, warm weather ambiance.

Peoples Flower Shops is dedicated to helping you to create a beautiful space this summer, with gorgeous cut flower bouquets, floral arrangements or potted flowering plants. Stop in or browse our site to see our wide assortment of unique choices – then bring your very own tropical oasis home.

Decorating for Summer Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesIt’s summer in Albuquerque. Although our summer yards may not look as lush as some across the country because of the climate, one thing is the same – we all love the beauty of the great outdoors. And summer is the time to relax, have fun, and enjoy the ones we love! We all have a different place to call home, and we all have different types of outdoor areas we like to use to get together with friends. So whether you have a backyard enclave or a little lanai, People’s Flowers is here to help you decorate in Albuquerque style.

Flowers are the perfect choice to transform any area quickly and easily. If you are having a picnic, add a bunch of sunflowers for a sunny touch. If the gathering is more formal, orchids are luxurious, elegant and hardy in the heat. If you have a lot of outdoor space to fill, design multiple seating areas with various chairs and vibrant pillows for comfort and color. Adorn each area with a basket of bright flowers that fits your color scheme – these baskets are the perfect way to decorate for our summer temps, as they can be easily moved from sun to shade, and even inside to make sure they stay long lastingly beautiful.

outdoor partiesIf you have a smaller patio or balcony, flowers are the ideal way to add vivid design. They easily blend into any color palette, and can be showcased in any number of space-saving ways. From a trellis up against the wall to a bakers rack overflowing with eclectic arrangements, flowers fit into any décor.

outdoor parties outdoor parties

Recently, wall hanging herb gardens have become very popular – utilize this same design with small desert blooms and cacti for a home style motif that takes up little space.

Planning an outdoor gathering is as easy as calling some friends and family, mixing up the iced tea and calling Peoples Flowers! Stop by today for the simple but beautiful ideas you need to transform your outdoor areas from plain to pretty – with flowers.

Relaxing on Labor Day

labor dayTo most of us, Labor Day is the official end of the summer. Sad as that may be, it is also often a day off from work, and one last opportunity to enjoy summer time relaxation.

But Labor Day is more than just an excuse for a long weekend. The holiday commemorates a landmark victory for laborers everywhere. Over 100 years ago, workers toiled in tough conditions, were paid very little, and were coerced into working exceptionally long hours, even when sick or injured. Tradition tells us that in 1872, after working too many tedious shifts in unacceptable conditions, Peter McGuire invited thousands of workers to a rally together to demand better working conditions. In 1882, he put forth the idea of a holiday for workers, and on September 5 of that same year, more than 10,000 workers participated in the first Labor Day parade in New York City. In 1894, Congress enacted national legislation to officially recognize Labor Day.

labor day

Early Labor Days were celebrated with parades, picnics and fireworks – and many still spend the long weekend with backyard barbecues and relaxation. If your Labor Day will be spent on the back deck with family and friends, don’t forget to add the ambiance by decorating with summertime flowers. Bright, vibrant and sunny floral arrangements will allow you to bask in the glow of summer for a few more hours, ignoring the impending arrival of fall, school and cooler weather. Our Vase of Sunshine or Summer Sunflowers bouquets are the perfect way to bring the sun to the party.

We at People’s Flowers would like to express our appreciation to all the workers – those ordinary Americans whose work ethic over the last century has built this incredible country. We look forward to helping to celebrate this day which truly celebrates us all. Come into one of our Albequerque locations to choose the best flowers or plants to accessorize your day off – then go home and relax.

Summer Sunflowers

summer sunflowersThe long and lazy days of summer have arrived, and with them celebrations, barbecues and relaxing times with family and friends. We all know there is simply no better way to brighten any gathering than with a vase of fresh cut summer flowers – from patio to picnic table, a bunch of sunflowers is the perfect way to represent the essence of this relaxing and sunny season.

Once you are done with the head of the bloom, the abundant seeds will also give you the opportunity to grow your own impressive stalks of sunflowers. They grow fairly well, and require very little dedicated cultivation. As a matter of fact, they are known to grow across plains and along roadways spanning the Midwestern United States, making it one of the most prolific wildflowers in existence. As each flower dies and the seeds scatter, new sunflowers are sure to take root. However, you can cultivate sunflowers in fertile soil with plenty of drainage; and your efforts should result in huge and majestic plants, sometimes reaching 20 feet (although three to ten foot plants are more common.)

summer sunflowers

Summer Sunflowers

Aside from being gorgeous and bringing a cheerful aura to any space, sunflowers are also known to be quite useful in other ways. Native Americans have used the sunflower to treat pulmonary and respiratory ailments for thousands of years. The stems are rich in phosphorous and potassium which is often composted and returned to soil as fertilizer. In other countries the sunflower is used in part in the manufacturing of fuel, paper, paint and cosmetics. Back home, many folks enjoy husked sunflower seeds as a nutritious and handy snack, and sunflower oil can also be used while cooking.