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Experience The Fall Season Through Flowers

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year in Albuquerque. The cottonwoods along the Rio Grande start to change colors, and we enjoy pumpkin lattes while waiting for the temps to drop. At Peoples Flower Shop, we're inspired by fall’s best and brightest with unique designs of dahlias, sunflowers, and fiery orange roses in our Fall Collection. Read More about Experience The Fall Season Through Flowers »
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Look Your Best For Prom

As we approach the end of the school year it’s time to start thinking about year-end dances and proms. This is a wonderful time for students to celebrate all that they have accomplished here with their friends and classmates. Be sure you’re ready for prom this year with a fabulous corsage or boutonniere from Peoples Flower Shops. We have a wide variety of choices and colors to style you and your date and help you look your best for prom. Read More about Look Your Best For Prom »
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Fresh New Floral Trends

The 2019 Floral Trends Forecast has been announced and we are very excited to share some of these fresh new floral trends with you. The floral artisans at Peoples Flower Shops are especially impressed with the Hear Me Roar look. This bold, confident design features strong colors and clean lines, mainly from a red, berry and orange palette, with fashion-forward teal and gray serving as base tones. Monochromatic looks create a layered appearance when different designs in a similar color are contrasted with one another in a structured, sophisticated design. Always hand-crafted and never mass-produced, this look is meant to impress.  Read More about Fresh New Floral Trends »
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Send Special Love

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means it’s time to let our sweethearts and loved ones know how much they mean to us. Share your love and heart with your special someone this year by sending a particular bouquet of flowers that speak your heart. Certain flowers along with the particular colors in which they arrive can communicate a very specific message. The floral experts at Peoples Flower Shops are designing arrangements that will communicate your heart to your special someone this year Valentine’s Day. Read More about Send Special Love »
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The Best Bets For Valentine’s Day

If you're sending flowers to someone this Valentine's Day, there's a good chance they will be red, red roses. With their deep layers of petals, endlessly appealing scent, and rich, crimson color, there's just nothing like a red rose to symbolize your abiding love and affection. At Peoples Flower Shops, we've got you covered, with literally stem upon the stem of February 14th's signature bloom sitting in our workshop just waiting for our designers to work them into showstopping arrangements. Read More about The Best Bets For Valentine’s Day »
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The Rose Collections for National Rose Month

The rose is an incredible flower. It has been used both as a symbol of true love and as an emblem during war. Its petals are soft and delicate, yet the rosebush is one of the hardiest plants in the world. Roses are used to express the most intimate of sentiments, yet rosebushes are often used for security and protection. The rose is known as the Queen of flowers for good reason - and this June, during National Rose Month, the experts at Peoples Flowers would like to share some amazing facts about this extraordinary flower. Check this out: We have special pricing on roses during the month of June on nearly all our rose arrangements - so browse our Rose collection or call us today!  Read More about The Rose Collections for National Rose Month »
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Valentine’s Flowers to Send Your Love

Valentine's Day is set aside each year to celebrate the adventure that is love - and whether you are just starting out or have spent decades together, flowers are an integral part of the day. In fact, polls have shown that Valentine's flowers are by far the most popular gift on February 14th - with 61% of respondents stating that they gave flowers on this special day. The floral designers at Peoples Flowers are privileged to hear many of the love stories of the people who come into our store, and we are happy to play a small part in your adventure. The second highest gift on the list goes hand in hand with flowers, traditionally - chocolate! Nearly 50% of respondents said that the sweet treat was a part of their Valentine's Day traditions.  Read More about Valentine’s Flowers to Send Your Love »
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The Iconic Rose

The month of June is about celebrating one of our favorite flowers – the rose. Not only does this cherished bloom have the privilege of being the official birth flower of the first month of summer, but June 12th… Read More about The Iconic Rose »
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Why Roses are for June

The birth flower for the month of June is the rose. The rose is the ultimate expression of love, desire, and passion. The rose (not necessarily red, however,) is the sacred symbol of the Ancient Goddesses, Aphrodite, and… Read More about Why Roses are for June »
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