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Easter floral design

There are many traditions associated with Easter Sunday – from chocolate bunnies (we eat 90 million of them) to Easter egg hunts (the most famous being on the White House lawn) there are time-honored customs to look forward to each year. Flowers are an integral part of Easter as well, with themes of renewal and rebirth being beautifully expressed through the spring blooms in vivid color. No one does Easter floral design better than Peoples Flowers, and on April 16th, you can be sure that the most gorgeous florals in Albuquerque came from our shop.

Did You Know? Many consider flowers to be an essential part of Easter due to the Resurrection story. Jesus was first on Sunday morning in a garden – and was even mistaken taken by the first women to be the gardener.  Continue reading

Celebrate with Easter Flowers

easter flowersAt People’s Flower Shops, we are keenly aware of how integrated flowers are into our lives, our history and our stories.

The white lily is one plant that has earned a special place of recognition during the Easter season. Christian legend says that the lily first grew on Resurrection Sunday, in the exact place where Jesus had fallen to the ground during His passion. The single stem holding up magnificent white flowers is thought to stand for divinity and purity, and has come to represent the Christian tradition of Easter. Because of this connection, floral displays featuring a white lily are a popular choice for Easter church service décor; as well as a gift for friends and family.

easter flowers

Springtime also means that vibrant floral designs are back! Just as nature reveals all new blossoms this time of year, People’s Flowers offers floral bouquets featuring irises, tulips, daisies and daffodils. These arrangements bring the beauty of the outdoors in. Easter palettes of pastel pinks, blues and yellows, accented by greenery are common, as are vivid brights – creating displays reminiscent of a meadow full of wildflowers.

easter flowers

Be sure to enjoy Easter – and all of the spring season – by filling your home and office with beautiful blooms that exude the spirit of this time of year. Whether you celebrate the Christian traditions of Easter, or are looking forward to baskets and bunnies – People’s Flowers has all of the arrangements and bouquets you’ll need. Don’t forget floral centerpieces for your holiday dinner table, lilies for your mom, or tulips for your sister – everyone loves the happiness that flowers deliver, and People’s Flowers is ready to deliver them throughout Albuquerque this Easter season.

The Perfect Easter Gifts

thumbnail-1Easter is less than two weeks away. Although spring may be here, that doesn’t mean that the beautiful flowers that represent everything that spring stands for, have burst into bloom yet. Don’t let that ruin this holiday for you. Our staff here at People’s Flower Shops is hard at work, making sure that we’re stocked with the most beautiful Easter floral arrangements and container baskets to help you deliver a gift of spring to the special people in your life.

The Easter holiday has its roots in Pagan traditions. The word for this holy Christian holiday most likely came from the combination of parts of two words for different Ancient Pagan spring celebrations. “Ostara,” the likely source of the first half of Easter, was a festival that honored new life, which is the essence of spring. “Ishtar,” the source for the second half of the word, was an Ancient Arabian sun festival.

Christians took over both festivals, reinterpreting the concept of “new life,” by explaining that Jesus brought the world the chance for a “new life” when he rose from the dead. Easter typically coincides with Passover, the Jewish festival that celebrates the gift God gave the Jews in freeing them from Egyptian slavery. Historical evidence (much of which appears in religious artwork,) suggests that Jesus was crucified during the Passover holiday. The date of Easter changes every year because it follows the lunar cycle and comes on the Sunday after the full moon. It also falls on a Sunday that is 40 days after Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, (not including Sundays.)

Important characteristics of Easter Flowers:

  • Flowers should have three stamens to represent the three crosses, the Holy Trinity, or the three nails affixed to Christ’s body on the cross.
  • Petals should form a circle to symbolize Christ’s crown of thorns.
  • Ten petals are important because they represent the ten disciples.

Few flowers exude the feeling of spring the way tulips do. Our Potted Tulip Plant is sure to bring a bit of springtime into the home of the person to whom you give it. We planted tulip bulbs in a six-inch pot and put it in a basket so you have the perfect Easter basket to give. We added a beautiful bow to make it look even more special.

Blooming Tulip Plant

Blooming Tulip Plant

Give a gift of pure sunshine with our delightful Lilies and Lemons arrangement. We combine yellow lilies with button mums, and Solidago in a bubble bowl that’s lined with fresh lemon slices.

Lilies and Lemons

Lilies and Lemons

Flowers for Easter and Passover

april21p4Whether you are a Christian or a Jew, this time of year has special religious meaning and involves special traditions with family – one that can always be enhanced by the beauty of flowers whether you give them as a gift or order them to display on a brunch or dinner table for these special holidays.april21p5

We have an extensive selection of spring flower favorites that have been designed into special flower arrangements and flower centerpieces in pastel or bright hues to bring the glory of God into your home during Easter or Passover.april21p3

Of course, some of the most often requested flowers include our farm fresh tulips in a wide array of colors either displayed on their own or as part of a flower arrangement with other flower varieties.

A traditional flower at Easter is the Easter lily or the daffodil both of which we have available for you.

You can also custom order any type of flower arrangement for your holiday table as our flower design team love working with customers to see their ideas come to life.april21p2

Our Designers Choice option allows you to name your price and our designers can then put together an extraordinary flower design for your Easter or Passover table.

We also have some extraordinary Signature Designs that you will not find anywhere else. Also available are many Teleflora designs ready to go for you!

When you are thinking about flowers, don’t forget that we also carry other goodies for Easter, including some fun Easter baskets full of chocolates and other delights that are nice to give to children or as gifts for being invited over for a brunch or dinner celebration. We also have spring cake pops and tempting treats like chocolate dipped pears.april21p1

Don’t forget that we do deliver on Easter Sunday so order now to take advantage of both our selection and our special pricing on some of the spring flower arrangements.

We can also deliver to other parts of the country if you cannot be together for Passover or Easter as we work with a network of preferred florists throughout the nation.

Celebrating Palm Sunday and Easter

easterp2Two special religious observances in March are Palm Sunday (March 24th) and Easter Sunday (March 31st). Our blog post this week covers the religious meaning, traditional celebrations, and Easter gift and décor ideas for this spring season.

Religious Connections

Both observances involve remember the sacrifices of Jesus Christ, including his ministry and appearing on a donkey that walked across a road filled with palm fronds, as well as Holy Week, which included his death on the cross.

Easter Sunday completes the cycle of remembrance with a celebration of his resurrection, which serves as a reminder of how he has redeemed humans from their sins and saved believers.

Spring Celebrations

Typically, those that celebrate these two holidays do so in church and in mass. They also spend time reflecting on the importance of these celebrations with friends and family as well as enjoying an Easter feast.

This is a great time to get the children dressed up in their Sunday finest, including Easter dresses and bonnets for the girls and suits and ties for the boys.easterp1

The Easter holiday is also a fun time for kids of all ages to take part in many activities, including dying Easter eggs, going on Easter egg hunts, and devouring Easter baskets filled to the brim with chocolates and sweets.

Easter Flowers and Gifts

This is also the time to enjoy the best of spring flowers by incorporating them in the Easter celebrations, including Easter flower arrangements, Easter flower baskets, Easter centerpieces, and Easter lilies.

easterp3We have a wide range of spring flowers, including Tulips, Gorgeous Cymbidium Orchids, Iris, Hydrangea, Azalea and Blooming Baskets in a range of colors, sizes, and prices.

Our Easter arrangements also come dressed with Easter symbols like bunnies and chicks. They can come finished off with bright spring ribbons that can coordinate with your Easter table cloths or table runners.

You can also put together fun and tasty Easter baskets full of treats for everyone that may have a sweet tooth, both young and old. We also have a wide range of add-ons, such as truffles, chocolates, stuffed Easter animals and Mylar balloons.

Other treats include chocolate-dipped pears, spring flower cake pops, and frosted Easter cookies.

Easter Orders

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From the entire Peoples Flower Shops team, we wish all of you a Happy Easter!