Office Decor with Holiday Spirit

This holiday, have some festive fun in the office. No, we don’t mean a wild party (not too wild, anyway), we mean get festive with some spirited floral decor. ‘Tis the season to celebrate with our friends and family – and that includes our office family, who, let’s face it, we spend a lot of time with.

Peoples Flower Shops never turns down an occasion to decorate, and we’re here to amplify your workplace cheer beyond the traditional poinsettias and wreaths.

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All Wrapped Up for Secret Santa

secret santa

This time of year, everything is dressed up. From decorating our homes to wrapping our gifts with shiny festive wrapping, it’s all about the shimmer! If you are looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift – one that communicates all the joy of the season – look to Peoples Flowers. Not only do our floral designs make a great gift, but we can deliver them anonymously to keep the mystery in your Secret Santa.

Did You Know? Flowers have been scientifically proven to bring immediate happiness to those who receive them. Everyone loves flowers!
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Custom Holiday Wreaths for Christmas

holiday wreathsThere are many sights and sounds of the holiday season – and we love them all! From poinsettia flowers to Christmas trees, twinkling lights to holiday carols on the radio, there is no mistaking the magic of this time of year. But there is also a very special fragrance of Christmas, courtesy of fresh evergreen trees, garlands, and wreaths. In fact, traditional wreaths embody everything that is special about this season – festive, aromatic, and with a classic story.
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Seasonal Holiday Florals for your Office

seasonal holiday florals

The holidays change pretty quickly this time of year, and before we know it, the Christmas decorations will be appearing all over the Albuquerque area. You’ll hear no complaints from us, as we love all the beautiful decor of the season! This year, start a new holiday tradition with fresh arrangements from Peoples Flowers – from office decor to seasonal holiday florals, our designers are ready to help you to check off everything on your list!
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Holiday Centerpieces at Peoples Flowers

holiday centerpiecesEverything is more festive this time of year. From glittering trees to brightly wrapped packages, the colors and décor of the season bring holiday joy and cheer. When decorating your home for Christmas, the flowers, bouquets and arrangements you choose will bring that same holiday spirit. When deciding on a centerpiece for your big family meal, browse the People’s Flowers Holiday Gift Guide to find displays that are not only beautiful, but that are lovingly designed with that same holiday ambiance.

holiday centerpieces

Silver and Joy Centerpiece

Both the Silver and Joy Centerpiece and the Sparkling Winter Wonderland Centerpiece come in limited edition containers; the first embossed with snowflakes, and the second with traditional red and green Christmas trees. Both centerpieces provide the traditional colors of the season – red roses, white carnations and mums – as well as the evergreen, ribbons and accent details that make them as pretty as any gift under the tree. Either one of these keepsake vases are destined to be treasured for years to come in your holiday celebrations.

holiday centerpieces

Sparkling Winter Wonderland

No matter the style of your holiday table, People’s Flowers has the right centerpiece for you. Beginning with the traditional elements of fir branches, pine cones and berries; we have designed an entire collection of arrangements for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a classic red and white centerpiece with slender taper candles; or a harvest inspired display with cinnamon sticks, apples, grapes and pillar candles under hurricane glass – we’ve got your flowers.


holiday centerpieces

Christmas Centerpiece- Double Candle

Time is running out – order your Christmas flowers today, to be ready for when your guests arrive. We look forward to helping you to make sure your table – and your home – is merry and bright. Happy holidays from People’s Flowers of Albuquerque.

People’s Flowers – Poinsettias

poinsettiaDuring the Christmas season, it seems poinsettias are everywhere. From shopping malls to restaurants to Christmas displays, the poinsettia has a special place in our holiday decorating. In its native Mexico, the flower is known as “The Flower of the Holy Night”, and many have associated the shape of this brilliant red plant with the Star of Bethlehem itself.

While poinsettias are not the easiest of houseplants to keep looking beautiful for long periods of time; with a little attention, you’ll be enjoying this seasonal plant into the new year.

  • Find the perfect spot for your poinsettias – indirect sunlight for 6-8 hours a day is optimal. If you must put in a window or hallway with a lot of sunlight, consider a shade or sheer curtain. You definitely will want to avoid anyplace susceptible to cold drafts or warm blasts – so keep away from appliances or heat sources; or the front door if guests are coming and going.
  • Optimal room temperatures are about 70 degrees. Poinsettias don’t do well in cold weather, and should never be in temperatures lower than 50 degrees. Therefore, even though the temptation is to use them to decorate front porches and yards, you may want to bring them in on colder days and at night.
  • The poinsettia needs water when the soil feels dry. However, resist the urge to over-water, and do not allow the roots to sit in standing water. If the flower is in a decorative pot, remove before watering so as to allow the water to drain properly.

Finally, People’s Flowers would like to dispel a popular myth. The poinsettia has been rumored to be not only beautiful, but poisonous; this reputation, however, is unfounded. Although certainly the plants are not meant for human (or pets) to eat, and some may be allergic – the plant has been deemed non-toxic. Quite the opposite, actually; the poinsettia is among houseplants known to remove pollutants from indoor air. So decorate away! The poinsettia is safe, traditionally beautiful and helps air quality. You can purchase poinsettia plants, holiday floral arrangements and Christmas gifts online, or by stopping by People’s Flowers in Albuquerque.

Peoples Holiday Decor

DecktheHalls_socialNow that Thanksgiving is over and you’ve cleaned that mess up, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home for Christmas. Our team of experienced Peoples Flower Shop floral designers is already working hard on our holiday flower arrangements, centerpieces, and gifts.


We think that using fresh foliage and flowers to decorate any space for the holidays is an amazing way to bring some elements of the appealing aspects of an outdoor winter wonderland into a home or office, dorm or bedroom or any other space you choose to decorate. Holiday decor adds so much warmth to an environment, and we love the fresh smells that go with much of the greenery.


We decided to highlight some of our arrangements and other items to give you some inspiration when you’re looking for ways to decorate your home for the holiday season.


Embrace the Colors of the Holiday Season in Your Decor


Our Candy Cane Celebration will brighten any room or area. We love the combination of red and white carnations and how it contrasts so nicely with the texture of the holiday greens. We add pine cones and sprigs of red berries and tuck some festive candy canes in the vase. This delightful arrangement comes together with a velvet ribbon that is wrapped around the vessel.


Bring Nature Inside With Our Holiday European Garden Basket

Our Holiday European Garden Basket is a delightful way to transform a small but very ordinary space into an elegant and festive area. We choose a combination of green foliage plants and red and white flowering plants. They’re all carefully nestled in a rustic basket with a bright holiday bow.


Add a touch of Rustic Decor and the Smell of Cinnamon

Our Cinnamon Cider Basket With Real Apples is a fun way to add a rustic element to your holiday decorating scheme. We combine fragrant pine boughs, fresh red apples, pine cones, some green leaves and many long cinnamon sticks in a wicker basket with a handle. This is the perfect focal point for a coffee table, a console table, or for a centerpiece on a buffet table during a holiday party you may be hosting.


Start the Decorating at Your Front Door


We believe that the holiday decorating should always begin at the front door. Our 28” Traditional Fresh Wreath is the perfect way to bring the holiday spirit to your front door. It’s also a beautiful way to bring some of that holiday festivity to your office, to a bedroom or dorm room door, or to the wall of any other room in your home.


Don’t put off your holiday decorating. We’re anxious to talk to you and to help you create the most beautiful holiday decor ever with fresh plants, flowers and other accents for your home, office or any other area you choose to decorate.


Peoples Flowers Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guideAre you counting the days until Christmas? Holiday gift shopping can be drudgery if you feel stressed about finding the perfect gift for each person on your list. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, you certainly aren’t going to get any joy out of the holidays, and we really believe that the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year should be one of the most delightful times of the year. Our design team here at People’s Flower Shops is going to great lengths to make sure that our customers have the best floral gifts to give to people on their gift list.


To help you with your gift giving, we’ve created a Holiday Gift Guide. We divided it into four categories: Christmas Flowers,Christmas Table Centerpieces, Holiday Gift Baskets, and Holiday Plants.


Christmas Flowers


We feel certain that most of our customers will be invited to holiday parties. Our Christmas flowers are the ideal gift to give to a holiday party host or hostess. Perhaps you want to wish your child’s teacher a happy holiday, or give a token gift to people at church, or deliver a friendly holiday greeting to your neighbors. Flowers are always appropriate.

holiday gift guide

Peanuts Christmas Mug

Our Peanuts Mug is a delightful gift for anyone, and it couldn’t be more timely with the recent release of the Peanuts Movie. This fun arrangement comes with a keepsake mug with a Snoopy handle. We fill it with red and white flowers, holiday greenery, shiny red ornament balls, and a candy-cane-striped bow as the final decorative accent.


Christmas Table Centerpieces

A floral centerpiece is a beautiful focal point of any holiday table. Perhaps you want to add a festive holiday touch to a table where you aren’t dining. Our Christmas Candle Centerpiece is versatile enough to work in many places. Use it as a decorative accent for a fireplace mantle. Use it on a console table behind a sofa. This arrangement is a combination of beautiful velvety red roses, fragrant evergreens, pine cones and other decorative accents and a plaid holiday-inspired ribbon. The focal point is the fat red pillar candle in a hurricane glass.

holiday gift guide

Christmas Candle Centerpiece

Holiday Gift Baskets


You can’t go wrong when you give someone a gift basket of food treats. If you find yourself facing a dilemma when it comes to shopping for that impossible person on your gift list, don’t despair. Our Gourmet Food and Fruit Basket is filled with assorted cheeses, crackers, a gourmet meat, snacks and seasonal fruits.

holiday gift guide

Gourmet Food and Fruit Basket

Holiday Plants


If you need a last minute gift for someone or want something simple to take to a holiday party, our Poinsettia Plant is the perfect choice! This holiday classic is known for being a long lasting holiday plant that will enhance any home or office all season long.

holiday gift guide

Poinsettia Plant

Don’t let the task of holiday shopping turn into an ordeal you can’t wait to finish. Our Holiday Gift Guide offers solutions to the hardest situations and allows you to enjoy the season as you sit back and bask in the satisfaction of an easy shopping experience and one that was actually fun.



How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

shutterstock_235167862Between hanging the lights, decorating the Christmas tree and finishing all of your fun Holiday crafts, there’s a lot of decorating to do at Christmastime! If you want to make your life a little easier without sacrificing any of the lovely seasonal color, try fresh flowers, potted plants and evergreen displays. People’s Flower Shops has a great selection of Christmas displays that will fill your home with holiday spirit without all the work!


Proteas and Pinecones Arrangement

Proteas and Pinecones

Deck the Halls with Evergreens


Evergreens are a delightful way to add a fresh, clean scent to your home while sprucing up your holiday decor. Among our favorite choices are the Proteas & Pinecones arrangement and the Cinnamon Cider Basket. Proteas & Pinecones mixes tropical flair with evergreen boughs, cinnamon sticks and pinecones to create a wonderfully scented modern Christmas arrangement.  


The Cinnamon Cider Basket is a lovely addition to any room of your home. Ruby red apples stand out against fresh pine boughs while cinnamon sticks and pinecones add traditional holiday appeal. Use this basket to add festive color to your living room, or place it on your dining room table to make your Christmas dinner look even more delicious.


Candy Cane Celebration!

Candy Cane Celebration Arrangement

Add Joy and Wonder with Flowers


Floral arrangements are an easy way to add a little seasonal color to your Christmas decorations. Bright red carnations are particularly popular around this time of year. To that end, we’ve created a couple of great arrangements, including the Cinnamon Basket and the Candy Cane Celebration.


The Cinnamon Basket features red carnations, berries and pinecones. Cinnamon sticks and winter greens add a touch of fresh scent, and an adorable cardinal completes the festive look. Our Candy Cane Celebration bouquet blends red and white carnations against a backdrop of pine. Berries, pinecones and candy canes add Christmas cheer to this striking bouquet.


The Christmas Flower: Poinsettias

Christmas Poinsettias

Using Live Plants for the Finishing Touches


There are many great ways to mix live plants into your holiday decorating scheme. Norfolk pines are always popular, and there are also Christmas cacti, amaryllis and more. One of the best Christmas plants is the pretty poinsettia. Place them at the base of your Christmas tree or use them to decorate hall tables, end tables and other spots that needs a little more holiday color! Available in red, white and pink, these gorgeous plants will continue to grace your home throughout the year.


This Christmas, make decorating easy by visiting People’s Flower Shops for a colorful selection of flowers, greens and live plants. While you browse, you may even find a few wonderful gifts for the people on your Christmas list!


Always the Perfect Gift

We’ve all been there, that excentral-square-14112684122-1citing moment just before opening the gift you’ve been dreaming about from your spouse, significant other, or good friend. Did they remember all the ideas you gave them? Did they pick up on all of those subtle hints you’ve been dropping for months? Holding back your excitement you unwrap the box slowly and… “Wow, it’s really… um… unique. Thanks…” Do they know you at all?


Every year more and more people are a victim of that less-than-perfect holiday gift. Everyone knows what it’s like to open that bizarre gift. This holiday season you have the chance to change all of that and bring thoughtful joy to someone’s holiday with flowers. No more unexcited responses, flowers truly are the perfect gift.


Cinnamon Basket is perfect to send to your favorite people for the holidays. It features carnations, berries, cinnamon sticks and pine cones.

Give us your story. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve received? How did you react? Did you pretend to love it or give them a more honest response? Watch our video and share your weirdest gift ever received to be entered in our special holiday sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 gift card from Peoples Flowers. Make this year special by giving the perfect gift this holiday season.


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