Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

st. patrick's day

Here in America, the cultural phenomenon of St. Patrick’s Day involves a vast amount of our population. In fact it is often said that on March 17th, everyone is Irish!  The Roman Catholic feast day made it to U.S. shores in the 1700s, and as immigrants from the Emerald Isle continued to stream into New York and Boston in the 1800’s the holiday grew in popularity. There are now 36 million people of Irish descent living here, nearly 8 times the population of the entire population of Ireland – and the holiday has changed from a religious observance to a day of festivity and celebration.

The Wearing of the Green: The lush, rolling green hills of Ireland are celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day with green permeating every aspect of the day. From parade floats to cupcakes, from green beer to shamrock plants, green is the honorary color. It is a well-known, recognized tradition that anyone not wearing the trademark color on St. Patrick’s Day may be “pinched” for their refusal to participate; and although the gesture is playful, it does illustrate how prolific the custom has become for all people, not just the Irish.

st. patrick's day

If you are proud of your Gaelic heritage, there are many green plants and flowers that you can use to adorn your home or office accordingly. Green orchids, day lilies, roses, carnations, zinnias, chrysanthemums, and hydrangea are all popular blooms that create a unique aesthetic. Green trick dianthus and ivy leaves add texture and interest. But if you’d really like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Albuquerque style, we recommend an arrangement of amazing green succulent plants. st. patrick's day

This St. Patrick’s Day, Peoples Flowers has all the green you’ll need to paint the town Irish! Whether to send friendship to your Irish friends or to decorate for the party, call our floral design experts to help. Slainte!

Flowers for the Spring Season

spring season

We might not deal with too many snowdrifts and snow days in Albuquerque, but the coming of spring is still an exciting time. As days gradually warm up, and colors emerge across the area, the floral designers at Peoples Flowers are also preparing for the new season. The flowers for the spring season are here, and they are beautiful as ever!

Did You Know? Across the country, the most anticipated flower is the crocus. Known for being the first messenger of spring, this tiny but strong flower pushes up through cold soil – and even snow – to be one of the first to arrive to announce the imminent end of winter.  Continue reading

Celebrate International Women’s Day Locally

international women's dayInternational Women’s Day, celebrated on March the 8th, has rallied women from all over the world for over 100 years. The movement began in the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc nations as women sought equal rights and social justice, but the idea quickly spread across Europe. With activities and celebrations in nearly 100 countries and events planned in nearly every U.S. state, it is an initiative that continues to pick up steam. The organizers of this year’s events have promoted the day’s activities to revolve around a theme, and a social media campaign – #BeBoldForChange.
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Floral Designers Have Their Day

floral designersFloral Design Day originated as a tribute to Carl Rittner, founder of the School of Floral Design in Boston. Rittner is recognized by many to be a visionary in the industry, and one of the first to see floral design as an artistic discipline. His legacy is seen today in the thousands of talented professionals working at florists across America. If you have ever enjoyed a beautiful arrangement or floral bouquet from Peoples Flowers, there is a floral designer to thank. 
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Promoting Kindness and Generosity


Studies prove that people who show kindness on a regular basis are more likely to be happy, content, and full of joy. And on February 17th, we all have an opportunity to increase our levels of happiness by participating in Random Acts of Kindness Day. Celebrated worldwide, the day has become an international effort to increase kindness, generosity, and compassion – and at Peoples Flowers, we celebrate the gestures that people make every day, large and small. They make the world a little kinder, a little more beautiful, a little more full of joy. We’d love to partner with you as you plan out some random acts of your own.

“Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.” ~ Dennis Prager Continue reading

Valentine’s Flowers to Send Your Love

Valentine's flowers

Valentine’s Day is set aside each year to celebrate the adventure that is love – and whether you are just starting out or have spent decades together, flowers are an integral part of the day. In fact, polls have shown that Valentine’s flowers are by far the most popular gift on February 14th – with 61% of respondents stating that they gave flowers on this special day. The floral designers at Peoples Flowers are privileged to hear many of the love stories of the people who come into our store, and we are happy to play a small part in your adventure.

The second highest gift on the list goes hand in hand with flowers, traditionally – chocolate! Nearly 50% of respondents said that the sweet treat was a part of their Valentine’s Day traditions.  Continue reading

Get Well Flowers, Gifts and Plants

get well flowersWhen someone you love is not feeling well, suffering from an illness or recovering from an injury, you may feel a bit helpless. It is natural to want to help and make them feel better somehow. At Peoples Flowers, we completely understand – and are here to consult with you to send the beautiful get well flowers, healthy green plants, or fun gifts that will make their day just a bit happier. After all, flowers have been proven to deliver happiness wherever they go!

Here’s a Tip: If your friend of family member is in a local hospital, you may wish to call the facility before you order a gift. Depending on their condition, the ward they are in, or hospital policy, there may be some restrictions on what you are allowed to send.  Continue reading

New Year’s Bouquets and Flowers

New Year's Bouquet

What does the New Year represent to you? To some, there is nostalgia looking back at the previous months. To others, the excitement of a blank slate stretched out before them is invigorating and inspiring. At Peoples Flowers, we appreciate that you have included us in so many of this year’s important occasions and poignant moments, and we look forward to many more special moments.

New Year’s bouquets are a great way to tell the people in your life that you are looking forward to a great year. White flowers are often used in floral arrangements at this time of the year because the color white represents new beginnings and fresh starts. White lilies, hydrangea, roses, and mums provide a snow-inspired landscape, while silver embellishments and seasonal details deliver the celebration. Whether to be given as a hostess gift or to decorate your own party, these flowers will create a beautiful ambiance.

New Year's Bouquets

Statistics tell us that only 12% of New Year’s resolutions are kept. But the team at Peoples Flowers has the perfect way for you to be successful, by making resolutions that we help you to keep.

Resolve to Never Miss a Day:
  Resolve to show your loved ones how appreciated they are all year long – then give us all the important dates and occasions. We will keep track for you, and send you a reminder email when it is time to send flowers. You will never miss a special occasion, and your family and friends will be thrilled to receive such beautiful gifts.  You may want to browse our site for other opportunities to stay in touch, such as sending Free E-Cards.

Resolve to Make A Difference: Our Helping Hands initiative was put in place to continuously give back to our community. With every order you make, you can choose to have Peoples Flowers make a donation to one of our charities. If you are sending flowers locally in Albuquerque or worldwide, the simple act of ordering from Peoples Flowers ensures that you are making a small difference in the world. And we think that is awesome. Read more here.

Everyone here at Peoples Flowers wishes you a happy, safe and prosperous new year, and we look forward to providing all of your floral needs for every special occasion.


Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

holiday tableThe holiday table is a place of great celebration, love, and laughter. For all of the traditions that we enjoy, it is the dinner that is most anticipated and most remembered. Many people pull out the box full of old decorations every year to decorate for this special holiday. But this year, the experts at Peoples Flowers suggest that you start a new tradition, and update your centerpieces to create a beautiful focal point for the Thanksgiving meal.

Striking contemporary fresh flower designs are our specialty. Our professional designers work with exquisite fall flowers such as gerberas, lilies, alstroemeria, and roses; ad well as eucalyptus, hypericum berries, and other natural elements. The warmth and comfort that exudes from these arrangements will bring all of that ambiance to your holiday table.
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Seasonal Holiday Florals for your Office

seasonal holiday florals

The holidays change pretty quickly this time of year, and before we know it, the Christmas decorations will be appearing all over the Albuquerque area. You’ll hear no complaints from us, as we love all the beautiful decor of the season! This year, start a new holiday tradition with fresh arrangements from Peoples Flowers – from office decor to seasonal holiday florals, our designers are ready to help you to check off everything on your list!
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