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Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

As the long days of summer give way to cooler days and longer evenings, it’s time to change your outdoor décor. There are fun and easy ways to make sure your home is ready for the fall season. Choosing hardy flowers and beautiful outdoor containers to accent your porch areas will provide a warm and welcoming entrance to your home. Read More about Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall »
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Easter Daisies Are Pleasant Spring Blooms

"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring." ~Lilly Pulitzer Now that spring has arrived, we anticipate Easter eagerly and look forward to the Easter bunny bringing treat-filled baskets, pastel-colored Easter eggs and of course, bright spring blooms! some of the best spring flowers represent Easter beautifully and we can’t wait to share them with you. Easter daisies are pleasant spring blooms and are among our favorites, as sweet and cute as children hunting for Easter eggs. The floral designers at Peoples Flower Shops have created several amazing designs featuring daisies. Take a look at some of our favorites for the Easter season. Read More about Easter Daisies Are Pleasant Spring Blooms »
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Giving To Our Community Through Flowers

During the holidays, we get swept up in the spirit of giving. But while hitting the stores and returning home with a trunk load of presents to dazzle our family with is fun, we here at Peoples Flower Shops are focused on that other kind of giving - the charitable kind. We do this in a few ways. We offer a floral donation to the Folds of Honor Gala, which benefits the spouses and children of fallen or injured U.S. service-members through educational scholarships. We make another donation to the American Heart Association's Heart Ball, held each year here in Albuquerque. This past March, we sourced about 22,000 daffodils for Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation's Daffodil Days, a massive fundraiser to benefit Hospice. Read More about Giving To Our Community Through Flowers »
Posted by peoplesflowers on November 24, 2017 Albuquerque Florist Community Events Daffodil Days

Celebrating Albuquerque’s Best Bosses

In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski had an idea which she felt would bring employers and employees closer together. As an employee at State Farm Insurance in Chicago, Haroski felt that her boss, and other bosses like him, deserved recognition for all of their hard work and dedication. Four years after filing her idea with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Illinois governor Otto Kerner made the day official. Fun Fact: Haroski's boss was her father, and National Boss's Day is observed on his birthday.  (October 16) Peoples Flowers is Albuquerque's premiere choice for flowers, plants and gifts for every occasion. If you have a great boss who you appreciate, come take a look at our selection. Read More about Celebrating Albuquerque’s Best Bosses »
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Inviting Bees & Butterflies to your Yard

There are few things more serene than relaxing in your own yard on a lazy afternoon. A backyard haven of lounge chairs, a beverage of choice, and serenity - sounds perfect, doesn't it? Make this peaceful day even more idyllic by encouraging butterflies to join you - which is as simple as adding several lovely flowers to your yard deck or patio. Bees & butterflies congregate in gardens that both support the ecosystem and infuse color to your natural space - and Peoples Flowers is here to assist you in cultivating the plants and flowers that will beckon these industrious and beautiful creatures. Do We Really Want Bees? The honeybee population is in critical decline worldwide, and here in the US, nearly 40$ have disappeared.  Bees are paramount to the ecosystem, especially in food production. Contributing in even a small way to encourage the bees to thrive is important - don't worry. Experts say that when collecting nectar and pollinating, bees will rarely sting unless harassed.  Read More about Inviting Bees & Butterflies to your Yard »
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Florals for Anniversaries & Weddings

Statistics reveal that June is the most popular month for weddings, and thus it has been dubbed National Wedding Month. Across much of the United States, June provides the perfect weather for weddings, but there are also some possible historical reasons for a couple's tendency to choose June as their special month.  Although here in Albuquerque June may be a bit warm, this month still gives us a great opportunity to talk about weddings and anniversary flowers.  No matter which month you choose to tie the knot,  you can be assured that Peoples Flowers will provide the most exceptional wedding flowers - as well as anniversary flowers as your life together progresses. Read More about Florals for Anniversaries & Weddings »
Posted by peoplesflowers on June 7, 2017 | Last Updated: August 12, 2020 Albuquerque Florist Flowers Weddings

The Rose Collections for National Rose Month

The rose is an incredible flower. It has been used both as a symbol of true love and as an emblem during war. Its petals are soft and delicate, yet the rosebush is one of the hardiest plants in the world. Roses are used to express the most intimate of sentiments, yet rosebushes are often used for security and protection. The rose is known as the Queen of flowers for good reason - and this June, during National Rose Month, the experts at Peoples Flowers would like to share some amazing facts about this extraordinary flower. Check this out: We have special pricing on roses during the month of June on nearly all our rose arrangements - so browse our Rose collection or call us today!  Read More about The Rose Collections for National Rose Month »
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Sending Flowers to Mom on Mother’s Day

We love her every day of the year, but on May 14, we have the chance to really show Mom the love and appreciation she deserves. Our Mom is a mentor and counselor, best friend and cheerleader. She made us who we are and continues to love us as she did when we were young. There is just something remarkably special about our Moms, and we love that there is a day set aside to celebrate them. Peoples Flowers has been privileged to provide floral designs and bouquets for all occasions for over 70 years. Our collection of Mother's Day flowers and gifts has been created to give you a comprehensive selection of products, one of which will be perfect for her. Whether your mother lives in Albuquerque or across the country, we've got you covered. Here are just a few of our favorite designs from our annual collection.  Read More about Sending Flowers to Mom on Mother’s Day »
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Special Gifts for Teachers & Nurses

Let's face it, we're all busy. As we rush through our days from errand to errand and task to task, sometimes we forget to slow down long enough to see the amazing people around us. The second week in May gives us the opportunity to recognize the quiet yet heroic work of two such people in our lives. Although they aren't always thanked or applauded, they deserve recognition. Here at Peoples Flowers, we love our Albuquerque community - and we love our teachers and nurses.  We'd love to help you to honor them this May, with special gifts that are sure to express your gratitude beautifully. Dates to Remember: National Nurses Week is May 6 - 13, 2017; National Nurses Day is May 6. National Teachers Week is May 7 - 13, 2017; National Teachers Day is May 9. Read More about Special Gifts for Teachers & Nurses »
Posted by peoplesflowers on April 14, 2017 Albuquerque Florist Flowers Teachers

Administrative Professional Gifts & Floral Designs

When you consider who runs your organization every day, who comes to mind? According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), the unsung heroes - and backbone of every corporation - are the administrative professionals. These very important employees represent the first voice that your clients hear or the first face that they encounter. They handle appointments and schedules, wrangle all the details, and know how everything gets done. Administrative Professionals Week begins on April 23, giving Albuquerque business owners the opportunity to recognize all of the hard work and determination of their support personnel. And Peoples Flowers has the administrative professional gifts, floral designs, and plants that they are sure to love.  Read More about Administrative Professional Gifts & Floral Designs »
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