The History And Flowers for Sweetest Day

Couples, families, and friends in the Midwestern United States take the third Saturday of October each year to celebrate The Sweetest Day with treats, gifts, and romantic deeds. For 2014, The Sweetest Day falls on October 18th.

Who First Celebrated The Sweetest Day?

A group of business owners in the candy industry in Cleveland, Ohio got together in the early 1920s to create “The Sweetest Day in the Year.” They hired silent movie stars of the era, like Theda Bara, to help publicize the event.

Around the same time, residents in New York City made similar efforts with the establishment of Candy Day. A story in “The New York Times” went even further with the idea and declared a “Sweetest Week” that would begin on October 10, 1937.

Today, the holiday is most popular in a variety of Midwestern locales like Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. The Sweetest Day also makes an appearance around the rest of the country as couples use the day to add a little sweetness and fun to an early autumn weekend.

Candies for The Sweetest Day

Just about any candy will do for The Sweetest Day, but chocolate is a particularly welcome gift for just about anyone who would love something sweet on this candy-themed day. To make the day extra-special, you might choose a piece of candy made at a specialty candy store or created in the gourmet tradition of candy making.

Perhaps some delectable Belgian chocolate covered pretzels drizzled in delicious white, milk, and dark chocolate swirls will impress your sweetie. Is your significant other an apple lover? Maybe an almond lover’s caramel apple will add just the right touch of sugar and flavor to The Sweetest Day.

Completing the Day with Flowers

In the years since the holiday was first publicized, The Sweetest Day has come to represent a celebration of all things sweet and nice. Flowers are the perfect companion to chocolates, candies, and little tokens of love.

As the universal symbol of love in the flower world, roses are one of the best ways to show a loved one how you feel. You may choose a dozen roses for your gift or perhaps some gorgeous pink roses for a little twist on the traditional red rose.

If you’re taking your loved one out for a special date on The Sweetest Day, a small bud vase of three roses is an option for a gift on-the-go. An amazingly lush vase of 48 roses is also an unforgettable way to showcase the sweetness of the special day.

Celebrate The Sweetest Day this year on October 18th with flowers and candy that show your love and affection.

Flower Gift-Giving Ideas for National Boss’s Day

October 16 is National Boss’s Day in the U.S, a day for employees to show gratitude and appreciation to bosses who are truly enjoyable to work for. National Boss’s Day was first established in 1962 and has grown in popularity ever since. The day serves to help improve and strengthen relations between employees and their employer.

If you have the kind of manager or boss that others wish they had, why not take the time to show them you appreciate them? Flowers can be the perfect expression of gratitude; here are some flower gift-giving ideas for National Boss’s Day this year:

The Elegant Lily

Few flowers make as bold a statement as the lily. A bouquet of bright Stargazer Lilies can convey your appreciation perfectly on National Boss’s Day, or opt for a Peoples Signature Lilies bouquet, featuring Asiatic lilies, snapdragons, alstromeria and hydrangea.

Autumn Blooms

By October 16, National Boss’s Day, autumn is in full swing; an autumn arrangement can be the ideal gift for National Boss’s Day gift giving. Flowers that epitomize autumn include the bright sunflower, festive daisies, bright asters, or just about any arrangement in gold, yellow, orange, rust or red tones. An Awesome Autumn arrangement features a lovely, chic glass cube filled with autumn-toned hydrangea, roses, lilies and tulips. A Gerbera Autumn Garden blooms with brightly-colored gerbera saisies, alstromeria and carnations.

Bring in Some Greenery

If your boss doesn’t have a green thumb but could benefit from some greenery around the office, green plants are the perfect National Boss’s Day gift. The Croton Plant’s large leaves sing with colors of green, orange, yellow and red. The Schefflera Plant is a lush way to dress up any office space with cheerful, shiny dark green leaves.

Orchids and Exotic Blooms

Orchids bring an exotic feel and beautiful energy to any room. The orchid is also a powerful symbol of wisdom, strength and integrity.  The Dendrobium Dance features purple or white exotic dendrobium orchids amid green dianthus and bear grass. The Orchid Drop features beautiful exotic orchids in a chic cylinder vase — or go even more tropical with a stylish Hawaiian Bliss arrangement featuring birds of paradise, ginger and anthurium in an adorned cube vase.

If you appreciate your boss, National Boss’s Day is a great time to show it. A gift of flowers can convey thoughtfulness and respect, and they’re the perfect way to let your boss know they’re going a good job. Use these flower ideas as inspiration to help you select the perfect gift this Boss’s Day.

How to Give Breast Cancer Awareness Flowers

If you’re wondering which flowers are best for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you’ve come to the right place! People’s Flower Shops is proud to recognize breast cancer awareness with a wide range of gorgeous pink flowers. Whether you’re sending flowers to friends and family to raise awareness, or you’re looking for a special treat for a breast cancer survivor in your life, we can help you choose the best, most meaningful flowers.

Stunning Stargazers

The significance of the stargazer lily is in its history. In the 1970s, famous botanist Leslie Woodruff was working to create the perfect lily. The result is the stargazer, a flower that has grown to symbolize success, achievement and fulfilled dreams.

If there’s a woman in your life that has beaten breast cancer, honor her with a beautiful, fragrant bouquet of stargazer lilies. People’s Flower Shops has a great selection of stargazer arrangements. Try something like this stargazer bouquet, accented with pretty pink ribbon and pink accent stones. For something in a more classical style, the “European Budvase” is the perfect mixture of bright stargazer lilies and soft lavender.

Radiant Roses

Pink roses are another excellent gift for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout history, these roses have represented love, admiration and sentimentality. Mix bright pink roses with pastel spray roses in this “Pretty ‘N Precious” arrangement. These flowers are sure to make anyone who has struggled with breast cancer feel beautiful!

If you want to send a single color, try a bouquet of a dozen roses. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we love these silky pastel pinks! However, we have a variety of colors available if you’re looking for a brighter shade.

Other Lovely Pinks and Mixed Arrangements

Breast cancer awareness flowers can take many forms. One of our most popular selections are carnations. A simple bouquet of frilly pink carnations shows maternal love and kindness. Gerbera daisies are another excellent choice. A bowl of these beauties will brighten anyone’s day!

If you’re having trouble choosing a particular flower, consider one of our mixed floral arrangements. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have:

Each arrangement is a wonderful way to send your regards or raise awareness.

If you’re looking for a gift to send in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, come to People’s Flower Shops. Whether you know someone who has struggled with this disease, or you’d simply like to build awareness, we have a variety of lovely pink flowers that will send the right message.

Homecoming is Here! Get Your Flowers Ready!

In the hustle and bustle to get everything ready for homecoming, the last thing you’ll want to do is forget about the flowers! Make sure to leave some room in your homecoming budget to present your date with a beautiful floral wristlet, armband or boutonniere. Whether you choose to accessorize your wardrobe, give a symbolic gift or show pride in your school is up to you. Peoples Flowers can help you decide the best way to choose flowers for you and your date!

Flowers as an Accessory to Your Wardrobe

Most people choose to use flowers as a stylish accent to their homecoming finery. Peoples Flowers offers a wide variety of flower colors that will make your outfit pop. If you don’t see the precise shade you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to bring us a sample of your wardrobe colors. We’re happy to help you find a flower to match!

If you aren’t sure what colors you or your date will be wearing, you can always choose flowers in a color that will go with anything. Delicate white orchids or sweet white rosebuds will complement any outfit you choose.

Homecoming Flowers with Meaning

Symbolic flowers are a great way to express your thoughts and feelings to your homecoming date. Carnations, for instance, have several meanings depending on the colors you choose. White carnations represent good luck and purity, while reds show your admiration and affection.

Roses are another meaningful selection. Deep reds say “I love you” like no other flower. Pink roses are the picture of elegance, grace and beauty, while yellows and oranges convey joy, friendship and passion.

Show Your School Spirit

For anyone who wants to display a little bit of school spirit, flowers in your school colors are a fantastic choice. We can create wristlets and boutonnieres in any number of colors and styles. If your school uses colors that are hard to find in the flower world, such as green, black, silver or gold, there are several stylish ways to work those colors into any homecoming flower arrangement.

With lush foliage, it’s easy to add green into any corsage, armband or boutonniere. For blacks, choose tasteful ribbons and bows or unique black faux foliage. You can use ribbon or metallic accents to add splashes of silver and gold to your flowers.

Homecoming is one of the most special times of the year, and you can make it even more memorable with a thoughtful gift of flowers for your date. Let Peoples Flowers create dazzling corsages and boutonnieres to accent your attire or express exactly how you feel on this special day!

The Greatest Floral Gifts to Give This Fall Season!

When you want to show someone how much you care or that you are thinking of them, one of the best ways to do so is with flowers. While it can be easy to decide on the right floral gift in spring or summer, it can be a little trickier in fall. That’s why we’ve put together this list of floral gift ideas perfect for fall. Check these out and see if anything jumps out at you as being a particularly good choice!

  • Traditional Bouquet – Something traditional is appropriate throughout the year. A rose bouquet can be updated for fall with the inclusion of yellow roses and more fall-like add-ins. When it comes to flowers, nearly anything goes!
  • Corsage – While a corsage is most associated with prom or homecoming dances, they can be a nice touch anytime you’re taking a loved one out for a night on the town or a fancy dinner. A matching boutonniere will complete the look. One of the best aspects of giving a corsage is that these are very affordable, making them a great choice for any budget.
  • Sunflowers – With bright, yellow buds, the sunflower is the perfect flower for those weeks when summer and autumn overlaps. Using these as a centerpiece is also a great idea.
  • Green Plants – Giving the gift of a green plant or other potted plant is a great option at fall. When you do this, you allow your recipient to enjoy the beauty for weeks or months to come—not just for a few days.
  • Centerpieces – Another great gift option is giving a floral centerpiece. Then, not only is it appreciated as a gift, but your recipient can use it when he or she is entertaining or just enjoying a nice dinner with friends and family. A centerpiece can be customized for fall that includes some of the local flowers which bloom best this time of the year.

While these ideas are a wonderful way to show your feelings, they are only the beginning. If you’re looking for something unique and different, why not contact us directly at Peoples Flowers. Our team of talented floral designers would love to help you put together a gift of flowers that will be sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient!

What Flowers Should You Send for Rosh Hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah, also known as Jewish New Year, is celebrated in late summer/early autumn. This year, the Rosh Hashanah holiday falls from September the 24th to September 26th. While there is no official or specific flower that traditionally represents this time of year, the bounty of autumn and the energy of new beginnings can be used as guidelines for your gift selection. Any flower that exudes a rich, abundant or hopeful feeling can be the perfect choice for Rosh Hashanah. Here are some bright, blooming possibilities to inspire your Rosh Hashanah gift giving this year:


Sunflowers are a versatile bloom that can be appropriate for summer or autumn occasions. Their large size and sunny demeanor radiate summer energy, but gold and brown earth tones can signify autumn as well. Their jubilant energy can make them the perfect gift to ring in the Jewish New Year.


Orchids bring a joyfully elegant energy to any room in the home. As a Rosh Hashanah gift, they mark the occasion with the promise of new beginnings and an auspicious future. Despite their tropical origins, orchids actually need minimal watering and are fairly low-maintenance.


The rose is a classic gift flower and can be appropriate for a variety of occasions. While the red rose is traditionally sent to convey feelings of romantic love, roses can come in just about any color you can imagine. Consider sending white or blue roses to convey the energy of new beginnings and bright possibilities for the New Year.


While lilies are often associated with springtime and spring holidays, they are an appropriate gift for any new beginning. The majestic trumpet shape of Calla Lilies can help celebrate the New Year, and Stargazer Lilies offer pink and white vibrance. Lilies are also stunning as part of an arrangement, as shown in the Peoples Signature bouquet bursting with lilies, alstromeria, hydrangea, snapdragons and greenery.


The hydrangea is a flower of enduring grace and beauty. It can be white, blue, pink or purple, depending upon growing conditions. Its lush, round shape has been associated with gratitude and any sentiment that is sincerely heartfelt. Consider sending a hydrangea bouquet for Rosh Hashanah or a Precious Pink arrangement that combines hydrangea with tulips and roses. Peoples Signature also incorporates hydrangea.

The Rosh Hashanah holiday is about new beginnings; it ushers in the autumn season and the Jewish New Year. If you have family or friends that celebrate Rosh Hashanah, flowers are one of the most impactful ways to mark the occasion.

Flowers For Homecoming, The Full Guide!

Homecoming season is in the air! It is time for exciting football games, the chance to dance with that special someone, and to feel a bit of school pride. Those preparing to attend their local homecoming will have some preparations to complete! Once they determine who their date will be, there is shopping for formal wear, determining transportation, ironing out dinner, and of course, buying flowers.

Flowers are a traditional part of homecoming as a means of dressing up and celebrating school pride. Traditionally, girls are given wrist corsages, which are coordinated to their dress, and boys have boutonnieres that match their date’s gown and flowers. These flowers can also serve as excellent mementos from the big day when people dry them. Finding the perfect flower, however, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.


It is important to coordinate the colors of the flowers so that the dates themselves and their adornments all look as though they belong together. This typically can be accomplished by having the colors matched with the color of the girl’s dress. Since homecomings tend to be in warm weather, many flower options will be light in color, such as whites and pinks. White can be an especially helpful color because even if the color of the girl’s dress is unknown, it will look fantastic for both girls and boys.

Most corsages will also come adorned with ribbons. Some people enjoy matching this ribbon to a school color that reflects their school pride, but that is not required. The prevalence of such an embellishment is typically determined by the local the school’s traditions.

Flower type

Many couples will buy flowers for each other based on personal preferences or the local school traditions. Many schools have histories of giving mums or other particular flowers for homecoming. If the flower preference of the recipient is a complete mystery, there are some flowers that tend to be very popular.


Roses come in a wide range of colors and the classic beauty of the blossom will please just about anyone. Those who have no idea about what flower to get could consider getting a white rose for an elegant look that will always look spectacular.


Orchids are another flower that has grown immensely in popularity in recent years. The soft elegance of this flower mean that it is easily matched to the themes and colors for the evening. There are also a number of different colors for orchids, so this sleek, classy look can be paired with many different dresses.


Carnations are a classic choice for a corsage. Their soft pinks and whites look elegant and formal, making them a great pick.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate and enjoy connecting with others who have attended the school. Have fun and look prepared with these beautiful flower selections.


Our Favorite Orchids, All You Need to Know!

Orchids are an incredible flower that have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. They are increasingly recognized for their beauty, versatility, and unique appearance. There are over 25,000 different orchid species found throughout the world and they are considered the largest family of flowering plants. They come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to find one that will match any room in the house. They also make spectacular gifts.

Is there someone in life who is expecting a baby or recently added a new addition to their family? Orchids have traditionally been used as a gift to symbolize fertility and may be just the perfect present to give to someone to celebrate their joyous occasion.

Orchids have also been used to symbolize beauty, dignity, prestige, and love, making them wonderful gifts for those preparing to celebrate anniversaries as well. Consider a beautiful white orchid to commemorate the next wedding anniversary. The long lifespan of a well cared for orchid will only add to the symbolism of the gift.

Decorating with orchids

Those looking for orchids for their own home will also find a number of different options depending upon their personal taste and preferences. Consider using a beautiful yellow orchid to perfectly accent a white or other light colored fireplace mantel.

On a kitchen table, consider a blue or a pink orchid. The color will add a bit of light to the room and will be easy to coordinate with other traditional kitchen colors.

Caring for orchids

Like any plant, it is important to learn how to care for the particular species to maximize their lifespan. Orchids tend to be relatively straightforward for care. They will require a watering every one to two weeks, depending upon the temperature and exact type of flower. They also tend to thrive when they are given special orchid food about once per month. The plants need a moderate amount of sunlight, and it is easy to judge if their needs are being met based upon the color of the leaves. A dark green means that they are not receiving enough light, while a reddish tone to the leaves mean they are receiving too much.

Orchids are wonderfully diverse plants, varying widely in size from being as small as dimes to over 100 pounds. They are a wonderful choice for those looking to liven up their home as well as those looking for the perfect gift, so carefully review the options and find the perfect plant.


The Best Flowers for Grandparent’s Day

sunflowersSunday, September 7th 2014 is a very special day! This is the day we celebrate some of the most important people in our lives—our grandparents. Grandparent’s Day may not be one of the holidays that everyone associates with fall, but it is a great time to show grandma or grandpa that you are thinking of him or her, even when you live far away.

One of the best ways to show your grandparents you care is by sending flowers. Florists today can deliver flowers near and far and have more options than they have ever carried before. You can find something that will put a smile on the face of even the pickiest grandparent. Some of our recommendations for this holiday include:

  • Roses – While roses are normally associated with romance, a well-designed bouquet can be a great way to share these beautiful summer and autumn flowers with your grandma or grandpa. Roses also make a great accent piece when used with other flowers too.
  • Sunflowers – A sunflower bouquet can’t help but put a smile on the face of whomever receives it. We offer both beautiful sunflower bouquets and mixed designs that offer the beauty of this sunny floral option.
  • Fall Bouquets – Fall is just a couple of weeks away, so maybe your grandparents would like an attractive fall bouquet that they can display on the table or entryway. There is no better way to welcome the pumpkins, cool weather and fun of fall than with a beautiful fall bouquet.
  • Tropical Collection – On the other hand, perhaps your grandparents would like to hold on to the warmth of summer for as long as possible. The tropical collection has some of the most attractive summer flower options available in a beautiful, display!
  • Signature Collection – The People’s Flowers signature collection was developed so that we can share some of the most beautiful flowers we offer in bouquets that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. We have designed these to show of the style and talents of our floral staff.
  • Live Plants – If your grandma or grandpa isn’t the bouquet type, perhaps one of our live plants would be a better option. Call or contact us to find out what we currently have available.

Spend some time looking through the flowers available at Peoples Flowers. We’ve been voted the best in Alberqurque and we are spreading happiness far and wide. We can’t wait to deliver one of our beautiful bouquets to your grandma or grandpa too!